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Fostering Innovation

The Takeaway | 18 January 2023

When you start to talk that way and lead that way, people do feel more psychologically safe to support change and support innovation that’s happening. This highlights how companies can better facilitate a safer environment for workers to feel secure enough to take risks to develop change. Claudia Reuter joins us to discuss people being the centrifugal force of innovation and digital transformation. 

Breakthrough Innovation

The Takeaway | 11 January 2023

While the rest of the industry relies on iterative change, Alex Moyes explains the breakthrough innovation happening at Dominion Energy. “We believe in an “all of the above” approach to energy - everything from nuclear to natural gas to utility-scale solar, we’re integrating a lot more stationary storage and batteries…so we are seeing groundbreaking innovations happening almost every day.” 

Innovation Reality

The Takeaway | 4 January 2023

When working remotely, the main challenge is bringing people into an office when they live across the country or around the world. The AES Corporation’s Federico Heine has created a Virtual Reality (VR) environment that allows team members from all over the world to work in a synchronous environment, so they can experience “physically” being and working together. 

Innovation Ecosystems

The Takeaway | 27 December 2022

Innovation is a journey, it’s a continuum of experiences, an act of exploration. The orchestration of ecosystems is more and more important in consistently disruptive times. To understand success, organizations must meet failure along the way. Overlaying the lessons made apparent by fellow industry players with key learnings and input from academia is a cogent way forward. So says Swarovski’s Hannes Erler.

Innovation Ventures

The Takeaway | 21 December 2022

“Big companies develop bureaucracy because they need it. What happens though is a lot of rigidity creeps in, and that can kill innovation. So, smart companies start looking at how we can keep the bureaucracy that we need to function as a large organization – but find better, faster, cheaper ways to get new ideas in-house and in the market.” This would be the origin of how a partnership with startups and corporate ventures would come into fruition.

Control The Sails

The Takeaway | 14 December 2022

Although the world was affected heavily with change in the last few years, not much in the business world has changed as far as topics and issues go. “I wasn’t expecting that in spite of so many changes that’s been COVID, so many people going virtual, there’s been a complete shift in the audience –80% of people are new to innovation – and what has surprised me is how little has actually changed. It’s the same issues that people have been discussing. It’s the same challenges.” 

Innovation Culture

The Takeaway | 7 December 2022

Innovation starts with the employees of an organization. As we know, the people that work for a business are some of its greatest assets. In today’s world –now more than ever – there is a struggle with professional burnout, and Volvo’s Mike Hatrick alluded to the word “resilience” as being an important part of today’s world. Specifically, he states “I think resilience within the job and after the pandemic is absolutely critical.”

Interaction Innovation

The Takeaway | 30 November 2022

We are at a time in history of incredible change and technological innovations, such as the rise of machine intelligence, and companies who keep doing what they have always done are going to stagnate. “Most companies that have relied on incremental improvement and doing what’s always worked are suddenly seeing sluggish or non-growth, and what they need to understand is growth needs to come by thinking at a different scale.”

Humanity-Centric Innovation

The Takeaway | 23 November 2022

Humanity-centric innovation is the idea of solving the biggest problems facing humanity in an economically viable way. Pete Dulcamara is focused on how we as a society can make changes now for a better future for humanity. He shares his perspective on how humanity-centric innovation is created by posing three questions. The answers to the questions bring humanity-centric innovation.

Measurable Innovation

The Takeaway | 16 November 2022

Each company has KPIs in place to progress and be successful. Are people at the forefront of innovation in business? Talent could be the most important KPI. Christian Saclier believes that building reliability and trust is what makes innovation thrive. He’s aware of the challenges that can present in 2023, but he’s confident that focusing on what’s most important will bring him through.

Certain Uncertainty

The Takeaway | 9 November 2022

Life is uncertain in every way. It's always interesting to meet new people and try new things. On the other hand, attackers may sometimes appear out of nowhere. It makes you change a lot about your life now and in the future. Recent megaevents like September 11, the recession that followed, and the growth of the World Wide Web have all changed the way we live and forced us to act.

Rolling Innovation

The Takeaway | 2 November 2022

If you’ve done it once, you can do it again. Make sure to keep doing it, it’s rolling innovation. Amber Case sits down with us to discuss how important it is for companies to constantly innovate and stay ahead of the technology curve. Amber goes into detail about the difference between institutional thinking and the new term, “extitutional” thinking.

Strategic Innovation

In The Moment | 26 October 2022

Any new concept or technological advancement will continue to change and advance. Landlines were commonplace before smartphones. Remember those? What about typewriters? They existed before computers. However, how did they get there? What factors did they have to take into account prior? It is an art and a science when innovating anything new.

Innovation Spend & Trends Report

The Takeaway | 19 Octber 2022

The Innovation Spend & Trends Report has just been released onsite at FEI: Front End of Innovation. Our community of innovation practitioners was surveyed. Our collection of thought leaders analyzed the results. Be among the first to gain from this benchmarking report which showcases how innovation leaders are changing mindsets and spending to grapple with this current moment in time. Access the report now.

Innovation Intelligence

In The Moment | 12 October 2022

It seems that innovation is one of the biggest buzzwords in business now. To sustain growth and be competitive in the marketplace, companies in every field from personal fitness equipment to automobiles, spend millions of dollars on innovation strategies. But what exactly is innovation, and how can we learn from a successful company which has thrived for 124 years?

Innovation As Constant Change

In The Moment | 5 October 2022

The key strategy to a successful business is to know when they are being innovative or are just transforming their status quo according to market trends. Navin Kunde proves that innovation and transformation are related topics, but while “innovation is constant change, things to be renewed,” transformation is that massive shift after neglecting innovation for a long time.

Innovation versus Transformation

In The Moment | 28 September 2022

Many people think digital transformation and innovation are one in the same, but according to Hatrick, while they are closely related, there is a difference. Digital transformation typically refers to change at an organizational level, while innovation more specifically happens at the product, service or solution level. We talked with Volvo's Mike Hatrick about this very subject.

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