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Harnessing the Pulse of Trends

The Takeaway | 6 June 2023

These consistently disruptive times have ensured us that it’s never been more important to stay on top of the pulse of the market. That’s true for patterns, trends, and even associated megatrends, across industries as diverse as manufacturing and marketing to fashion and all things related to the consumer. The insights community is already often well positioned to stay abreast of trends, as part of the job is to glean insights, predict patterns and trends, and forecast changes that could support company initiatives.

Investing Insights into Product & Brand Innovation

The Takeaway | 2 June 2023

Customer insights are a key cog in driving brand and product developments. And so, it’s imperative that the Insights discipline invests in product and brand innovation. Our H2 2022 Insights Spend & Trends Report showcased these results-- Insights was aiming the greatest share of budget accordingly.

Unifying Data Analytics and Insights

The Takeaway | 30 May 2023

To be human or not to be human? That is a relevant question in today’s technology-driven society, and one we posed when thinking about unifying data analytics and insights. After all, with the rise of AI, machine learning, and automation technologies, these are a lot more than just buzzwords we hear at conferences. While there is no doubt that these fields will transform the Insights space, very few of us truly understand their value and the challenges they will present to our industry and selves. The intersection of technology and methodology is happening, but it’s unclear what if any practical value they will hold in the future.

Elusive Insights

The Takeaway | 26 May 2023

What matters in the metaverse is what matters in any ‘verse.’ Brands must have metrics in place to measure performance. Organizations must have signals in place to capture customer feedback. There must be a promise and understanding in place regarding the engagement experience-- something of course with unique opportunities in this new space. And of course, the potential business impact must be understood and quantified. This panel outlines how to act now within each of these areas of interest.

Gaining Insights Leadership

The Takeaway | 23 May 2023

The role of today’s Insights professional is evolving as Insights teams are increasingly pressured to connect data sources, surface consumer stories and predict market outcomes. Insights professionals must now act as storytellers, influencers and strong negotiators — in addition to having business acumen and strategic vision. And unfortunately, insights leaders are finding their teams are not yet equipped with the required skills to make insights thrive in their organizations.

Insights ROI

The Takeaway | 22 May 2023

In a recent ATI Gathering…Insights ROI, the community looked at the complex issue of insights return on investment from several different angles. Combining insights, data, and analytics allows for the activation of insights across the organization. Once activated, superior customer experiences can ensue. Closing the loop on learnings from the activation of insights propels the organization forward, allowing dynamic decision making, revelation of new opportunities, and ultimately better ROI.

Taking Action to Spark Growth

The Takeaway | 16 May 2023

Actionable growth is the process of taking action to achieve a desired outcome. It involves making strategic decisions and implementing tactics that will help a business or organization reach its goals. This could include improving customer service, launching new products, developing marketing campaigns and creating more efficient processes. Actionable growth focuses on tangible results rather than simply planning for the future.

Driving Consumer Focus

The Takeaway | 9 May 2023

Putting the customer first is a time-honored tradition that remains current and relevant to this day. Consumer focus is a strategy that focuses on understanding the needs and wants of customers in order to better meet their expectations.

Redefining the Home Experience

The Takeaway | 5 May 2023

All Things Insights’ Seth Adler caught up with David Schliecker, Group VP, HGTV Insights and Strategy, Warner Bros. Discovery, at the Media Insights & Engagement Conference earlier this year. When all areas of the home, even the very concept of staying at home itself, were impacted by the COVID pandemic, the HGTV brand got to thinking about what insights and market shifts could be gleaned from the passion people have related to their homes.

Creating Synergy by Improving Customer Experience

The Takeaway | 2 May 2023

Customer experience (CX) is the impression your customers have of your brand based on all of the interactions they've had with your business. User experience (UX) is specific to how people use and perceive your products. So how can these key components, customer experience and user experience, work together, create synergies and benefit the marketer in improving the overall experience?

Measuring OTA Programming

The Takeaway | 25 April 2023

Television audience measurement is on the precipice of innovation due to the opportunity to leverage data from set top boxes, smart TV’s, and other sources. However, big data isn’t a panacea: it solves some problems while ignoring, or even exacerbating, others. Over-the-air television is one segment of the industry that is often overlooked during discussions of future currencies. All Things Insights’ Seth Adler discusses the subject with Jon Marks, Chief Research Officer, Scripps National Networks.

Rethinking the Omnichannel Shopping Experience

The Takeaway | 25 April 2023

Human behavior continues to adjust at lightspeed. The COVID-19 pandemic drove increased adoption of digital shopping and now, shoppers are more reliant on using their phones and technology while in store. Given this, retailers need to look for omnichannel opportunities to create a still more seamless experience between their digital and brick-and-mortar formats. It is critical for retailers to understand how omnichannel shopping behavior creates a seamless, uncomplicated experience, rethinking the role of technology in store.

Collaboration Around The Consumer

The Takeaway | 21 April 2023

The consumer is now in the driver's seat, and James Petretti is no stranger to that fact. Success is not possible if the consumer is not buying into what you’re selling-- and we’re not just talking about a product. The consumer needs to believe and relate to what you’re telling them. A true understanding of and connection with your consumer is imperative to create loyalty between the brand and the consumer. Behind the scenes, it is essential to have a team that works well together. 

Building Strategic Insights

The Takeaway | 18 April 2023

The world of data is evolving and ever-changing. A data insights strategy is built in part on the potential data that one hopes to accumulate, the insights gained from such data, and the actions that one aims to implement in the future to improve performance.

Fan Insights

The Takeaway | 14 April 2023

Thanks to the advent of social media and streaming services, the world of television today looks nothing like it did a few decades ago. All industries go through sea changes as technology evolves, and a brand’s ability to stay relevant depends completely on how they adapt to the consumer’s changing expectations. Today, Seth Adler sits down with Jeremy Lejeune, the VP of Content and Consumer Insights and NBCUniversal Entertainment. Lejeune tells the story of Bravo - the television network that has spent the past decade evolving into a cultural phenomenon.

Leveraging the Power of Inclusion to Gain Multicultural Consumers

The Takeaway | 11 April 2023

The power of inclusion is the ability to create an environment where everyone feels accepted, respected, and valued. It can have a positive impact on individuals by providing them with a sense of belonging and purpose as well as fostering creativity and innovation. Inclusion also helps organizations benefit from diverse perspectives that lead to better decision making and improved collaboration, as well as the ability to drive consumer engagement.

Live Sports Insights

The Takeaway | 4 April 2023

Programming across the board is looking to develop content that appeals to an audience that engages increasingly with user-generated content (UGC) and relevant online communities. Innovation in live sports programming is an interesting space to watch, as engagement in the “real world” has been a part of how fans enjoy it for decades – from Fantasy Football to traveling to watch sporting events. 

Content Marketing Insights

The Takeaway | 31 March 2023

In the past decade, SVOD (Subscription Video-On-Demand) companies have revolutionized how we consume our favorite shows and discover new ones. As media platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime began creating their own content, a new kind of experience became universal among consumers; who among us hasn’t spent 20 minutes scrolling through content to see what’s available in an attempt to decide what to watch? What are the best ways to help consumers find the kind of content they want to see so that they can spend their time enjoying their media, rather than sifting through it?

Using Insights to Predict the Future

The Takeaway | 28 March 2023

A key component of any marketing strategy is to think about and plan for the future. Despite constant macro and micro disruption, marketers can still prepare and be ready for the future and to take on any emerging trends and issues that may arise. Foresights are essential for marketing insights and research since they help marketers anticipate customer needs, develop strategies accordingly, stay ahead of their competitors, and create innovative solutions that meet already established customer expectations.

Media Behavioral Insights

The Takeaway | 24 March 2023

Analytical minds will always benefit from more complete data from farther-reaching sources. Even more fundamentally, Pepe says the questions everyone has on their minds remain the same, even as the industry undergoes a period of evolution. Media executives, consultants, and creators alike all want to understand the audience. In order to facilitate audience-driven change, consumer interests, methods, and motivations must be understood. But how is that data measured?

Media Industry Insights

The Takeaway | 17 March 2023

It’s not unreasonable to feel overwhelmed when faced with the size and scope of the continuous shifts in the television industry within the past few decades. Forecasting into the future shows that we are in for more change, not less. So how do we, as individuals, navigate this? We are offered some hope in this conversation between Seth Adler and Michael Capretta, the VP of Research for Warner Bros. Discovery. In this interview, Capretta is a welcome voice of reason as the industry enters unprecedented times. 

Path To Purchase Insights

In The Moment | 10 March 2023

Insights leaders are responsible for connecting all of the information gleaned from a multitude of different sources, and creating usable data that will help drive strategy. This crucial work requires a deep understanding of both the product and the consumer. Visa's Michael Nevski describes three things that his role requires: an understanding of the problem, available methodologies to solve and a capability to harness the information.

Actionable Insights

The Takeaway | 3 March 2023

Insights are being generated but in some cases are not being used. The first assumption is that these insights aren't actionable. Which of course might be the case. But why are these insights not actioned? There is a disconnect between people who are utilizing the insight and those providing insights. We discuss how best to ensure real-time insights are actioned in a way that drives the business forward.

Insights Talent: Ask, Listen, Act

The Takeaway | 24 February 2023

“Ask, listen, act.” If the pandemic has taught us one critical lesson, it’s that environmental changes don't occur in a vacuum and can dramatically influence the behavior of our employees. So if nothing stays the same, and we’re all changing, how can companies meet the ever-evolving landscape their employees wade-through on a daily basis? It requires continuously open dialogue about the factors that most influence us, and then rising to the occasion. Asking comes with a responsibility of following through and ultimately providing choices for employees to exercise their agency. Gone are the days of cubicle farms. 

Translating Data Into Action

The Takeaway | 17 February 2023

“Data is the new oil,” and it seems like everyone wants to get a piece. But what is it that most major companies are missing when it comes to harnessing the power of data analytics? According to Neil Hoyne, Fellow at Wharton, there’s a huge gap that is steadily rising. It’s not enough to just gather more data, of course. You’re also going to need to hire more data scientists to analyze all that new juicy data. Unfortunately, this is where most companies stop. However, is that enough? Hoyne addresses why companies are not getting the most out of data. 

Digital Twin Insights

The Takeaway | 10 February 2023

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that there is a major shift happening in tech, specifically in the ways we quantify the human self, and make better decisions to promote a cleaner and safer world. The smart move is to combine our “what” and the “why” so that we can all get on the same page when it comes to innovation, environmental change, and human thriving. Poppy Crum, an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, discusses how emerging tech and digital twins can bring us closer to lowering both carbon emissions and digital exhaust, one ear piece at a time. 

Media Insights Report

The Takeaway | 3 February 2023

The All Things Insights Media Insights community completed an extensive survey covering what folks are thinking, how they’re spending and the issues they face. It’s clear that research itself and the insights function are supported by management. The fact that the sentiment is growing, is all the more comforting- there’s a not insignificant 7% increase from pre-pandemic times. We now evolve from the SVOD launchpad to a new S/A VOD / FAST reality. And so, when discussing future campaign planning, Content comes a close and interesting second place. 

2023 Outlook

The Takeaway | 27 January 2023

Known uncertainty. We enter 2023 with some of the most known uncertainty of our lives. Going into 2019- certainty. Going into 2020- certainty-albeit misguided. Going into 2021- well, we were certain that we were mid-pandemic. Going into 2022- certainty that numbers would continue in the recent-past forward trajectory…and that also turned out to be a bit misguided. But for 2023, we’re all certain of the uncertainty ahead. And so, now more than ever- a collection of outlook statements from thought leaders would be of particular value.

Ripple Effects On Insights

The Takeaway | 20 January 2023

For many of us the pandemic brought along with it a series of impactful changes that honestly, none of us could have predicted. Everything regarding what we buy, when, where, and why, has dramatically changed, and we are left with a new reality and space to reestablish what is important to us in the aftermath. Stephen Gans, the Chief Consumer and Insights and Analytics Officer at PepsiCo, breaks down how the field of consumer insights has rapidly changed to accommodate a post-COVID reality. 

Media Past Is Media Prologue

The Takeaway | 13 January 2023

“Whatever the modern technology of the day, it was a force for disruption, it was a force for change, and it was a force for enchantment, joy, and learning.” Whether that new technology was “moving pictures” or television or personal computers, it changed the way people looked at the world in many ways. It brought the world closer, taught them new things, made them laugh, or amazed their senses.

Insights Synergy

The Takeaway | 6 January 2023

As the political climate changes, so do our working habits. Going through a pandemic also changes things, as Jim Newswanger, the Senior Market Intelligence Research Manager at IBM explains. We’ve seen a boom in an interest in tech and data after the pandemic. “Marketers who have been certain things that may not be needed anymore can upskill (or reskill) to do other things in the area of marketing that we do need.” As the tech world and the outside world change, the unfortunate truth is that some skills will become obsolete. 

Interpreting Data

The Takeaway | 29 December 2022

Data isn’t just a set of numbers in a spreadsheet that sits there collecting digital dust. Michael Nevksi, the Director of Global Insights at Visa notes “you need to understand what type of data you collect and second, understand what key attributes of that data can be used, how it can be processed, collected, and how you connect that data. What I mean by that is technology needs to play its role in this equation to bring all the primary and secondary data streams together.”

Data Fluency

The Takeaway | 23 December 2022

Data fluency and how it applies to an organization is essential for a business to thrive – according to Bob Bress, Vice President and Head of Data Science at Freewheel, A Comcast Company. Earlier in the business world, Bress recognized that the use of data skills was more centralized in a business. Now, it is evident that the use of data and understanding it in a business context is more of a success when everyone in the organization is involved.

Representative Insights

The Takeaway | 16 December 2022

A great story starts with a single word. From there, the story is subject to its characters, plots, and the conflict presented by the content, all of which require an incredible amount of thought and attention from the brightest, creative minds out there. Daniel Ramos is one such person. As the Director of Consumer Insights for Nickelodeon, Ramos has embarked on a journey to identify the impact of race and ethnicity, among other things, on children, their families, and their life experiences.

TMRE Continued

The Takeaway | 9 December 2022

We brought together the community to wrap-up 2022 and ramp-up for 2023. We provided lessons learned from the year and from TMRE 2022. And we provided keen insight into how to plan, what to do…and what not to do in 2023. We cover Insights into the metaverse, feedback on stakeholder engagement, thoughts on running your insights operation on the way into an economic downturn, how spend and trends are evolving and even a few case studies. View all sessions on demand now.

Super Insights

The Takeaway | 2 December 2022

Talking with Peter Leimbach, Senior Vice President, Ad Sales Research at FOX Sports, it’s clear that pro football teams aren’t the only ones competing during the big game. The stakes are also high for advertisers. While $6 million for a 30-second ad spot may seem untouchable for most agencies or brands, there’s no question the audience reach for the Superbowl is still staggering.

Digestible Insights

In The Moment | 25 November 2022

Business leaders spearhead operations with knowledge of their respective businesses or industry. Success often comes through gut instinct of what the customer wants. Now the data is telling a different story. Things have changed. It is a data-driven culture. Business leaders have access to previously elusive information through data analytics and predictive modeling.

Gen Z Insights

The Takeaway | 18 November 2022

“Ultimately Gen Z demands a new media plan. The previous ways of thinking in terms of length being a precursor of the efficacy of advertising content should be revisited based on the way they process information and how quickly they can take away ad messages.” Heather O’Shea, Global Head of Ad Research and Insights at Snap, is perfectly situated to provide cogent insight.

Timely Insights

In The Moment | 11 November 2022

A tsunami of data is upon insights, analytics and data science leaders. How can that force be harnessed? In this current world of technical innovation, data engineers are learning each day of new and powerful tools that are available to them. There is so much more they can realize, but it requires data professionals to build more time into achieving their deliverables.

Insights Enablers

In The Moment | 4 November 2022

Insights teams are moving more to becoming consultants and enablers from being pure executors before. Since specific correlations can be discovered with machine learning, the importance of the analytics team working closely with the Insights team cannot be overemphasized. The Insight teams cannot work without data. Find the right balance between improving and disrupting.

Insights Business Impact

The Takeaway | 27 October 2022

Having proven the ability to predict consumer behavior and thus organizational returns, leaders are now taking next steps. Whether it's bridging insights to strategy, accurately predicting customer demand, capturing elusive insights, focusing on mental fitness- the insights function is delivering so stakeholders can apply decisions that impact the bottom line.

Analytics Insights

In The Moment | 19 October 2022

Remove silos physically [democratize data], structurally [communicating KPIs] and having more central stakeholders to drive info. “Your last mile is not delivering the analysis, but actually providing the tool set and structure to action on the analysis.” Going the additional mile to provide this information can save time, money, and resources.

Data, Analytics, Insights & Action

In The Moment | 12 October 2022

“Analytics is the means to the end, the end should be insights. Actually, the end should be the actionability of insights.” June Dershewitz outlines data, data analytics, data insights and actionability. Then there is the impact of the changes made based on those actionable items. If it was positive, that’s great. If it was mediocre, then perhaps the data should be re-examined.

Streaming Insights

The Takeaway | 5 October 2022

Live isn’t going anywhere, and we’re likely to see the trend continue growing in the next few years. Streaming services that can offer the type of live content, such as sports, news, and other live events that pay-cable does, in addition to their library of content, present a very compelling proposition to the consumer experience.

One Way To Insights ROI

The Takeaway | 28 September 2022

“It’s not only a ‘feel good’ thing anymore. It is actually something that is reflected in profits.” DEI is a business issue. Once a nice to have for the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion has moved to a competitive advantage and on to a necessity to stay relevant to consumers. Meta’s Head of Client Insights, Gabriel Gontijo sits down to discuss.

LGBTQ+ Insights

The Takeaway | 21 September 2022

Stating that although it is widely claimed that those that identify as LGBTQ+ comprises 7% of the American population, the entire community accounts for much more. Friends, family members, colleagues and allies add up, “the network becomes so much bigger.” Thus prioritizing the LGBTQ+ community can affect a significant portion of the population.

Insights On Outpacing Further Disruption

In The Moment | 14 September 2022

Dynamic change has been constant over the past couple of decades. How do we outpace the inevitability of this reality? When presented with the adage,  “Disruption is always right around the corner,” Sunny Zhu recommends that instead of attempting or thinking about how to outpace, “focus on the right opportunities.”

UX Insights

In The Moment | 7 September 2022

There are myriad teams that have and can provide insight into a given subject. Without each account, there cannot be a full picture of what might be true. And still, when that full picture is provided, a well constructed team must know how to harness data through the art of insights into a presentation for cogent decision making.

DEI Insights

In The Moment | 31 Aug 2022

What if a key set of insights at an organization's disposal wasn't used? While many have a new perspective and focus on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, the initiative has yet to be fully operationalized across the entirety of global corporates. At one organization, competitive-advantage-producing insights have been identified.

Insights Through Data And Analytics

The Takeaway | 24 Aug 2022

Hear from organizations who have capitalized on this approach, thus delivering superior consumer experiences. This meeting helps you apply analytics and data science to solve complex problems, improve decision making, uncover new opportunities, and increase ROI. Log-in to watch on demand now. 

The Missing Link Between Data and Business featured image

Insight Hacks

The Takeaway | 17 Aug 2022

What are the hacks, the shortcuts, the clever or elegant solutions which can be applied now. To answer this question we checked-in with three executives within the community- each from a different perspective- Consumer Insights, UX, Data. The feedback from these distinctly different perspectives was strikingly similar. 

Behavioral Insights

In The Moment | 10 Aug 2022

We continue to spin forward into a next paradigm for global corporate enterprise and society in general. Within a rapidly paced evolution, certainties are difficult to identify. Macro indices seem to shift as easily as micro indicators. What was known one quarter is a myth three months later. Once regarded untruths become realities in record time.

Data Culture

MADS Insights | 3 Aug 2022

A significant change in decision making has occurred with the ability to create endless amounts of data combined with the capability to compute that data. Rather than analyses being reflectively descriptive, decisions can now occur in progressively predictive or even prescriptive ways.

Insights Resilience

In The Moment | 27 July 2022

Facing another ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ disruption, CEOs down to each of us, realized that we needed to have a plan to survive no matter the challenge presented. Global plague? Have a solution. Vast geopolitical unrest? Have a solution. Spiking inflation? Have a solution. Conflicting schedules around kids’ pick-ups? Have a solution.

New Work Order

TMRE Insights | 20 July 2022

2022 still has some work to do in figuring itself out. We’ve clearly not yet definitively evolved to what’s next. That said, some patterns have emerged. IBM’s Jim Newswanger who is featured not only on The Road To TMRE October 27th Gathering but at TMRE itself, has highlighted what he’s seeing in the moment.

Internal Insights

In The Moment | 13 July 2022

While two years of essentially exclusive work from home did work, an evolution is necessary. But what is the right solution? Lessons usually aren’t taken from what worked before a disruption. Lessons are usually taken from what didn’t work before that disruption, combined with the opportunities granted by the disruption.

20 Quotes On Risk, Truth, Wealth And More

TMRE Insights | 6 July 2022

Dan Runcie, Founder, Trapital sat down with Percy ‘Master P’ Miller at the most recent TMRE. The discussion focused on how Miller’s background provided a foundation for the platform he’s created through his music, philanthropy and focus on generating generational wealth through ownership.

Measurement, Currency and Attribution

The Takeaway | 29 June 2022

“It’s going to be a journey. Right now we’re at the disruptive phase.” But change will provide learnings, learnings will lead to the ability to be transparent, which will lead to trust. Trust will provide a platform for currency, measurement attribution and eventually, standards.

Consistent Breakthrough Insights

The Takeaway | 28 June 2022

All Things Insights brought the community together for a live session focused around the concept of providing consistent breakthrough brand insights on June 23rd. Visa's Michael Nevski, Warner Bros. Discovery's Theresa Pepe and Fuel Cycle's Polly Speros discussed. Watch the panel session.

Empowering Breakthrough Insights

The Takeaway | 27 June 2022

Empowering insights through a broader understanding of the business can happen if there are consistent breakthrough brand insights being served to the business. All Things Insights brought the community together for a live session focused around that very concept on June 23rd. Login to watch the entire session.

Mental Fitness In Business Culture

TMRE Insights | 22 June 2022

The realization that business can focus on changing the world while providing the opportunity to the individual to develop themselves, plays perfectly into a Rumi quote, "Yesterday I was clever and I tried to change the world. And today I am wise and I'm working on myself." Create a corporate culture where both can be true.  

Slow Power

In the Moment | 15 June 2022

As we continue to shift into new behaviors, it’s worth viewing aspects of ‘common wisdom’ through a different lens. Modern electric and hybrid vehicles supplement battery charge through the force generated by braking. So, what if the speed achieved by slowing down was the key ingredient for winning?

Better More Difficult Experience featured image

A Better, More Difficult Experience

TMRE Insights | 8 June 2022

Soon Yu offers that employing the seven virtues of good friction drives desire and loyalty. It’s based on an epiphany, “the world is running rapidly toward this idea of becoming seamless and frictionless. But when it comes to signature experiences, if you're too seamless, if you're too frictionless, you become forgettable.” 

Achieving A Renaissance In Purpose

In the Moment | 1 June 2022

How many people painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Reportedly, one. How many people are painting the picture of each transforming global business? Tens of thousands? If “everyone in the organization has a different view of what they want to paint,” how can ‘organization’ creep into enterprise evolution to prevent chaos and produce an institutional masterpiece?

Insights from Seizing the Moment featured image

Insights from Seizing the Moment

TMRE Insights | 25 May 2022

Today, more than two thousand years after the concept of seizing the day was suggested, we’re beginning to realize not only what to do, but perhaps how to do it. And amazingly, the guidance comes from someone with the surname Bliss. Dr. Rina Bliss sat down with Board Member, Vox’s Edwin Wong to discuss her epigenetic research as the most recent TMRE. 

Follow the Behavior: Calibrating Measurement & Value in New Environments featured image

Follow the Behavior: Calibrating Measurement & Value in New Environments

In the Moment | 18 May 2022

In each new environment– streaming and Web3, it’s still not clear how to quantify value. When speaking of either, Warner Bros.’ Theresa Pepe says, “It’s all about measurement. Currency needs to be acted upon.” It makes it difficult to act without a measurement tool. And so, the next best thing to utilize as currency, is behavior.

The Missing Link Between Data and Business featured image

The Missing Link Between Data and Business

ATI Video | 11 May 2022

2022 has proven to be a year of change. For AllThingsInsights one of the distinctions is that a 2020 program called Digital Week was updated to Digital Day in 2021 and further amended to Monthly Meeting as of April of 2022. While our March 31 gathering of Digital Day, the insights shared are extremely applicable for Q2 & Q3, 2022.

Why the Art of Observation is Meaningless Without Applied Behavioral Sciences featured image

Why the Art of Observation is Meaningless Without Applied Behavioral Sciences

The Takeaway | 4 May 2022

Jessica Southard’s advice is to first seek to understand then to be understood. It also is precisely what Loren Mahon suggested, “the only way you can understand and articulate another culture is to make sure you understand your own and how you operate in it.”

The Future of Quantitative & Qualitative Research featured image

The Future of Quantitative & Qualitative Research Part One

Remesh eBook | 1 May 2022

In 2022, researchers and decision-makers alike are keenly aware of how constantly the insights world is changing. This constant state of change is critical in an industry that continually strives to find better and more efficient ways to uncover truth. 

A Contemporary Insights Organization featured image

A Contemporary Insights Organization

In the Moment | 19 Apr 2022

We are in the process of experiencing the second paradigm shift of human behavior in just a three year period. For a prepared organization, this is a potential boon for business insights, brand insights and consumer insights. Leaders are using current trends as a replacement for historical data.

The State of the Consumer (2022) featured image

The State of the Consumer (2022)

Remesh eBook | 21 Apr 2022

2021 has been a transformative year for every industry and organization in the world; from more permanent transitions into remote and hybrid work, to the expansion of Conscious Consumerism, the constantly-evolving consumer and ever-changing world combined has illuminated the need for more agile, robust, and efficient consumer research.

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