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Entry Guidelines

All the information you need to submit a successful entry

Above all else our judges want to see the real impact your entry has had on your business, the further you can go beyond 'the marketing hype', the better your entry will be.

The entry process

The Banking Tech Awards are open to banks, financial institutions, fintechs and services providers.

PR agencies, consultants, vendors and other industry participants are welcome to put an entry in on behalf of their clients, but must have prior approval from them to do so.

No off-the-record/unnamed entries will be considered (but if you apply, you will still be charged).

Submitting an entry
Submitting an entry
  • All entries must be written in English and submitted via our online entries portal.
  • All entries should be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • Supporting material may be supplied, but your main entry of up to 1,000 words should include all information you deem necessary for your awards entry.
  • Entering the awards requires a payment, this payment is for nomination and is due regardless of whether the project makes to the shortlist or not.

To submit an entry please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Go to our entry portal and either create an account or login to an existing account.

Step 2 - Pick your category from the 'Categories' section of the 'Awards Summary' page and click 'Enter this category'.

Step 3 - Fill out all of the fields making sure to have ticked the information acknowledgement and have uploaded a logo, then click 'Save and go to awards summary'.

Step 4 – You will be taken back to the 'Awards Summary' page, now go to the ‘Entries Not Submitted’ tab.

Step 5 – Use the tick boxes on the right-hand side to select the entries you wish to submit. Then click ‘Submit and Pay’.

Step 6 – You will arrive at a page titled 'Checkout'. This should show your name, address, phone number, and email address, please make sure these are correct. Then select 'Invoice' as the 'Available payment method' and click ‘Proceed’.

Step 7 - You will be taken to a page titled 'Invoice details' you can add a reference number for your own records and add additional billing information if you need. When you are finished click 'Complete registration'.

Step 8 – You will arrive at a page titled 'Purchase Receipt'. This screen explains that you will shortly be receiving an email confirmation. An invoice for the awards you have entered will follow after that.

What information to submit
What information to submit

The more detail the better! We suggest including the following information:

  • Dates of the overall project. All entries should be for the period of the last two years.
  • The rationale for the project.
  • The unique points of the project. What makes it different?
  • The innovative nature and/or the importance of the project.
  • Project management; team size and mix; collaboration.
  • Results and performance metrics.
  • Financial and business impact; return on investment (if applicable).

Any other information, statistics, facts and figures etc that you think will help us understand the project better!

The entry must be tailored to the specific category and the project you are applying with. The judges are looking for a comprehensive, to the point, clear entry with facts and figures to support it. Hence, we strongly suggest NOT to submit the following:

  • Generic promotional material and sales brochures.
  • Marketing jargon and buzzwords.


We reserve the rights to publish brief details of all shortlisted entries. This a brief “entry synopsis” that is included on all entry forms.

All other information provided in the entry is treated in strictest confidence.

Please note that no off-the-record/unnamed entries will be considered (but if you submit a nomination, you’ll still be charged).

Entry deadline & fee
Entry deadline & fee

The extended entry deadline for Banking Tech Awards is 12 August 2020.

A £229.00 (+20% UK VAT, where applicable) fee is applicable for all categories. This fee is for each entry per category. So, if you apply for two categories, it will be £229.00 x 2, for three categories – £229.00 x 3 and so on.

This payment is for nomination and is due regardless of whether the nominated company/person makes to the shortlist or not.