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Be a Trend Activator: Accelerate Business Strategy and Growth

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We see it everywhere.

It could be the flash of an exotic gray pattern belonging to a dress, or the
solar panels glistening atop every office building. Maybe it's the child in
your neighborhood who refuses to separate from social media.

So what do we see everywhere? Trends. Sure we see them, but what are they
really if all we ever do is simply observe them. Had Martin Cooper only
observed the trend of humans being more mobile, would we be living in a world
without cell phones?

Trends are nothing more than mere behaviors without activation. At Foresight and Trends 2015 you won't just
discover trends, you will learn to activate them and shape the future. Visit
our website: http://bit.ly/1IkGbdN

You won't want to miss our various Case Studies/Workshops dedicated
to guiding you activate trends:
Built For Clarity: Standing up a Trends Program
Michael Mitchell, Manager of Trends Insights, Lowe's Home Improvement
Mitchell will discuss the challenges and opportunities in setting up a
cross-functional trends program.
With some false starts about the program, Mitchell was tasked with creating a
framework for defining trends, leveraging existing knowledge, and recruiting an
internal team of established trend experts. The team's findings? The program
added clarity and confidence about how to think about the future of the home
improvement consumer.

Using Microsoft's Digital Trends Framework
Natasha Hritzuk, Microsoft
In this workshop you will use Microsoft's
Digital Trends framework in order to explore eight different trends in small
groups of 5-6. This workshop will discuss possible opportunities with these
trends and why brands should pay attention to them. After brainstorming in
small groups, individuals will present their ideas and vote on groups with the
most creative approach.
Download our brochure
for the complete list of Case Studies and Workshops to attend: http://bit.ly/1IkGbdN
Come and tour Revolt TV's studio Wednesday September 30th
from 3:00 - 5:30. The tour will include an overview of how new and old media
can work together as well as explore the key to the future of consumer
engagement. You might even get a chance to see them taping a live show!

Are you ready to press that "red button" and activate? Of course you
are! Due to limited space, special tours and explorations are limited to 25
people, so don't wait any longer!

Register now and lock
in $100 savings when you use code FT15BL: http://bit.ly/1IkGbdN
Can't wait to see you there!
The #FT15 Team

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