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July 10-11, 2023
Digital Conference8:00AM EDT // 1:00PM BST //2:00PM CEST

Expanding Modalities, Reaching 'Undruggable' Targets, and Improving Potency with Pioneering Bioconjugates

Accelerate your Drug Development Programs for Antibody Drug, Peptide, Oligo and Protein Conjugates to Advance them into the Clinic

Selective Binding. Reduced Toxicity. Enhanced Efficacy

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Next-Generation Approaches To Expand the Bioconjugation Toolbox

Addressing and Reducing Limitations of ADCs

  • Understand intelligent drug design for ADCs to improve therapeutic windows, half-life and dosage 
  • Optimise novel antibody engineering, linker design and payload selection to reduce off-target toxicity and boost efficacy
  • Discover ground-breaking computational screening to allow the identification of new targets for oncology and beyond

Effective Delivery of Non-Cytotoxic Payloads

  • Address unmet therapeutic needs with innovative oligonucleotide, modified protein & peptide conjugates 
  • Enhance antibody mediated delivery allowing for effective crossing of the blood-brain barrier 
  • Overcome issues with endosomal escape to improve the therapeutic potential of RNA bioconjugates

Improved Targeting with Novel Combinations

  • Innovative modifications of therapeutics and vaccines for improved delivery and efficacy
  • Identify novel and scalable chemical and biological conjugations for various moieties
  • Map site-selective bioconjugations with effective and efficient analytical characterisation 


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