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Landscape of the global Biocontrol market

In recent years biocontrol agents have begun to emerge as an emerging segment of the crop protection market. The use of biocontrol agents is seen as helping the agricultural sector meet the rising challenge of maintaining food production for a growing population, whilst at the same time reducing the impact of the environment.

By Jonathan Lloyd, PhD, Freelance agricultural consultant, researcher and writer

Landscape of the global Biostimulants market

Biostimulants are a new and growing category of agricultural product. Derived from naturally occurring substances and organisms they can be used to stimulate plant growth via improved nutrient/water use efficiency, protection from abiotic stress, and/or plant regulator activity. Biostimulants act using different mechanisms to conventional fertilizers.

By Jonathan Lloyd, PhD, Freelance agricultural consultant, researcher and writer

Landscape of the Global AgTech Market

Over the last decade, AgTech has exploded. According to Tracxn, there are now more than 3,000 AgTech startups around the world, including 1,417 in the U.S., 528 in India, and 273 in the U.K1.

And they haven’t come a moment too soon.

By Pete Hugh, B2B copywriter and content strategist

R&D innovations to combat common African pests - Dennis Ndolo, ICGEB

Dennis Ndolo, Group Leader – Biopesticides, at the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), South Africa, explains how biopesticides can be used to overcome trade barriers caused by the inability of countries to meet Maximum Residue Limit requirements of export markets. He outlines why the huge potential of biopesticides remains under-exploited and proffers suggestions of how some of the challenges facing the development of these pest control products can be addressed. He also gives a detailed account of the work that his team at ICGEB is doing to support the research, development, commercialisation and use of biopesticides.

INTERVIEW: Fabien Achard, Biostimulant Product Manager at Agrauxine by Lesaffre

Fabien Achard is Biostimulant Product Manager at Agrauxine by Lesaffre. We spoke to him about the challenges he is currently facing and the biggest opportunities in agriculture in Africa. He also reveals why he thinks educating farmers is one of the the most important parts of selling biostimulants.

Fabien Achard is speaking on mitigating impact of abiotic stress on crops at New Ag International Africa on 28 - 30 September 2020.


Biocontrol in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Agriculture is the main employer in Africa. But how can you win in the market in terms of Biocontrol? 

5 Industry leaders share their expertise on the current environment of biocontrol in Africa. What are the new potentials and what are the hurdles in a region heavily involved in agricultural activity.