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Destiny Pharma plc


Destiny Pharma PLC is a public UK biotech company listed on AIM with clinically proven novel drug assets.  It has two late-stage clinical assets which it is preparing for Phase 3 studies- NTCD-M3 for prevention of recurrence of C. difficile infection; and XF-73 for prevention of post-surgical S. aureus infections.  It is seeking commercialisation partners for these assets in the major territories outside China. Beyond this, it has a pipeline related to its proprietary and patent protected XF platform; and separately a preclinical stage collaboration focused on COVID-19.

NTCD-M3 is a naturally occurring non-toxigenic strain of C. difficile, which lacks the genes that can express C. difficile toxins and is microbiome sparing. It acts as a safe “ground cover” preventing toxic strains of C. difficile proliferating in the colon after antibiotic treatment. The Phase 2 trial demonstrated a highly statistically significant 5% rate of recurrence of CDI versus 30% with placebo. Destiny expects Phase 3 to start in 2023.

 Gerding DN et al JAMA 2015;313:1719  

XF-73 Nasal is the lead programme from the proprietary XF platform being studied as a nasal S. aureus decolonisation agent to prevent post-surgical infection. It completed Phase 2b in 2021 and demonstrated that just 24 hours dosing caused rapid decolonisation which persisted during surgery and this was maintained out to 6 days which importantly is the most critical period during wound healing. XF-73 Nasal has QIDP and Fast Track status from the FDA.

Beyond the lead programmes, Destiny is exploring the XF platform in a number of dermal indications and indications where staphylococcal biofilms are a particular concern. 

In addition, Destiny’s SPOR-COV programme (a collaboration with SporeGen Ltd) is a prophylactic approach that targets the innate immune system with potential to develop protection against COVID-19 within a few days of treatment. The SPOR‑COV™ product is a proprietary formulation of Bacillus bacteria that will be administered nasally as a spray. 

Destiny Pharma is seeking commercialisation partners for its lead assets, is open to expanding its pipeline of microbiome assets and is open to collaborations on earlier programmes.