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November 6–8, 2023 | Munich, GermanyNovember 14–15, 2023 | Digital Partnering



Based on the top-notch R&D capabilities, we are developing novel Microbiome-based Therapeutics, which can suppress inflammatory immune responses or enhance anti-cancer immunity.

  • Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBP)
  • Polysaccharide-derived Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (PAPI)

Using an innovative platform technology, Avatiome™, we identified key effector molecules from LBP candidates and defined their mechanisms of action, enabling us to design the clinical trials more effectively and systematically.

Furthermore, by employing humanized mouse model containing human immune cell components and microbiota, we are working to address the translational issues that often arise when putting preclinical data from animal models into clinical trials.

Based on these strategic approaches, we are developing two LBP candidates, IMB001 and IMB002 (Ready for IND Filing, 4Q 2022), targeting cancer and inflammatory disorders, respectively.

Particularly, based on scientific understanding, we are currently expanding indications from GI disorder (IBD; primary target of our lead asset, IMB002) to a broader range of immune disorders such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Atopic dermatitis, GvHD, etc.

ImmunoBiome Inc. will take a further leap forward to become a leading company in microbiome therapeutics to treat incurable diseases such as cancer, autism spectrum disorders, and autoimmune diseases based on our innovative microbiome technology.