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Biotalys and Biobest partner to expand reach of novel biocontrol solutions

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Biotalys and Biobest have entered into a long-term partnership: Biotalys will offer Biobest a right of first negotiation to come to an exclusive distribution agreement for five protein-based biocontrol programs for use in the global covered crop and berry market during the next 10 years.

The product candidates can relate to either the existing or future pipeline. Each time a product candidate is promoted by Biotalys to the development stage on Biotalys’ AGROBODY Foundry technology platform, Biobest will have the rights to access the technology with the aim of adding the end-product to its portfolio of solutions in covered crops and berries.

For each of the product candidates being promoted to the development stage, the companies will negotiate a tailored global distribution agreement and associated fees (for the technology and product) taking into account the spectrum, potency and crop applicability of the biofungicide, bioinsecticide or biobactericide solution involved.

According to a news release, the parties believe this agreement could generate annual sales in the covered crop and berry space of more than EUR 100 million for both partners combined resulting from the five biocontrol programs.

Biotalys retains full freedom to enter into commercial partnerships for the five biocontrol programs in applications other than covered crops and berries. Biotalys also retains full freedom for R&D partnerships leading to new product candidate programs on any crops and any geographies.

Biobest and Biotalys have also signed a distribution agreement under which Biobest will exclusively distribute Evoca in the United States for all crops and applications, to calibrate the market as of late 2022, subject to regulatory approval. Evoca is Biotalys’ first biofungicide aimed at helping growers to protect crops such as strawberries, grapes and other high-value fruits and vegetables against Botrytis and powdery mildew in integrated pest management (IPM) programs.

 The parties did not disclose any further financial details.

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