Biotech Showcase
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January 10–12, 2022 &January 17–19, 2022

Thomas J. Walsh
Director, Institute for Innovative Therapeutics and Diagnostics; Henry Schueler Foundation Scholar in Mucormycosis; Investigator, Emerging Infectious Diseases, at Save Our Sick Kids


Dr. Thomas Walsh is the Founding Director of the Institute for Innovative Therapeutic and Diagnostics.  The mission of the Institute is to develop new strategies for immunotherapeutics, novel agents for treatment of emerging microbial pathogens, and innovative molecular diagnostics for early detection of sepsis.  Dr. Walsh has cared for critically ill patients with COVID-19 and followed patients with Long COVID. He has collaborated in design of clinical trials for COVID-19 and development of environmental countermeasures against SARS CoV-2. He is currently investigating novel agents against SARS CoV-2 molecular targets, characterizing the pathogenesis of fungal and bacterial pneumonias in COVID-19, and is studying rapid molecular diagnostic systems for detection of sepsis complicating COVID-19.  Triple boarded in Medicine, Infectious Diseases, and Medical Oncology, Dr. Walsh also has studied the risk factors and outcome for development of COVID-19 in immunocompromised patients with cancer and transplantation.  He has further served as advisor to university medical centers, government agencies, industry, local communities, and religious organizations. 

Agenda Sessions

  • Sepsis in the Era of COVID-19: Understanding Compounding Risk Factors for Infection and Outcomes