Biotech Showcase
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Biotech Showcase 2023January 9–11, 2023

Valentin Tablan
Chief AI Officer at ieso Digital Health


With over 20 years in the field of Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Representation, and Artificial Intelligence, Valentin Tablan and his team apply advanced AI techniques to ieso’s vast dataset to determine which evidence-based therapy interventions are most effective. Under his leadership, ieso has created the industry’s first (real-time) AI-enabled tools that augment therapists’ which in turn increases quality and improves clinical outcomes. Prior to joining ieso, Valentin was the lead scientist on the question-answering service that powers Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant; he is now using that expertise to help computers familiarise with the way patients express themselves during therapy. Valentin holds a PhD from the University of Sheffield and is a multi-lingual language specialist. He is a frequent speaker on deep learning tools and techniques which can revolutionise healthcare applications, medicine and diagnostics.

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  • Regulatory Update for AI Enabled Hardware

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