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Chance Favors The Connected Mind

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C. Engdahl
The Big E of Big E Toys

I think Louis Pasteur was right. 'Chance favors the prepared mind' he said. It does seem a bit oxymoronic, but by and large I think the sentiment is generally accepted. We must prepare ourselves with knowledge, as well as prepare our minds to recognize, acknowledge, and act upon opportunities that arise. Innovation depends on it.

Being prepared is good.

But arguably being connected is even better.

Author Steven Johnson - whose previous books include The Ghost Map and Everything Bad Is Good For You ' has adapted Pasteur's famous quote.

'Chance favors the connected mind.' ' Steven Johnson

I don't normally plug books or products for others (and know that I have nothing to gain by doing so), but I'm making an exception today. Author Steven Johnson has a new book coming out called Where Good Ideas Come From (it's not due out until October 5). I've not been given an advanced copy so I can't attest to all that is in it. I did happen to see him present at FEI 2010 in May though where he essentially floated many of the ideas and stories put forth in this new book. I thought his stories and ideas concerning innovation interesting, entertaining, and useful.

Instead of attempting at this time to provide my own overview of the book I'll simply let you watch this animated preview put together by the publisher. It's pretty good.



Steven Johnson's new book may not actually have much effect on your connectedness. I imagine it might help however with your preparedness.

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