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The Bigyellowfish platform is a novel approach to managing, securing and protecting the human workforce in the maritime and offshore industry. With our extensive maritime background combined with product expertise we founders are acutely aware of the rise in self-harming incidents and suicides amongst crew members and the high number of on-board accidents caused by human error, resulting in a combination of injury to personnel, financial damage to the company and potential environmental harm. The Bigyellowfish platform seeks to address this by providing a solution to the very real problem of how to engage effectively with crewmembers who, whilst often the most vulnerable part of an organisation, can also be the most difficult to reach.

Combining a deep knowledge of the maritime environment with specialist support from behavioural psychologists, human factors specialists, on-line educators, gamers and AI/data analytics experts, the BYF solution is an “employee engagement platform at the intersection of psychology, business and technology. It focuses on the top three areas that impact the human element at work; wellbeing, collaboration and microlearning. The platform is a data driven workplace technology solution that has been ‘gamified’ to deliver minute, measurable changes in employee behaviour, helping employees solve their everyday challenges to perform better, and helping employers fulfil their duty of care and achieve their desired business outcomes. It is currently being successfully used by a number of shipping companies.

The platform leverages Psychology, Gamification, AI & Nudge engine & Data Analytics. Our mobile first platform provides the last mile connection to the crew , ability to connect directly with the management, wellbeing support and at the same time provides management with the ability to respond to the crew in real time. We complement the technology platform with a well-crafted program management model which runs various asset level programs, drives learning etc.

· Mental Health & Wellbeing: A holistic solution that caters to the Educative, developmental & supportive aspects of wellbeing.

· Safety Collaboration: A simplified tool to enable enhanced ship <> shore collaborations on safety-critical issues, enhance trust and transparency and visible leadership.

· Just in time Skilling/ Reinforced Learning: Empowering the crew on board to make their skills effective and contextual.

All these modules are backed by a robust data analytics layer that helps companies assess and manage their risk exposure better at one end and also adhere to their safety goals.

Companies have the flexibility to subscribe to either of these pillars individually or as a combination.