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November 2022
Manila, Philippines



Bigyellowfish Technologies is an Employee Engagement and Behaviour Risk management platform. The platform focuses on three key areas of employee engagement: Mental health & Well being, Collaboration and Microlearning. Bigyellowfish leverages elements of Gamification, Behavioural Psychology and Data Science to provide organizations with tangible insights through the lens of their Employees so that they are able to make informed decisions at the right time.

At the centre of driving a strong Safety Culture with a behaviour based approach, are the people. If one gets the Safety engagement with people right it will drive a long term safety transformation.

Safety transformation to us means:

  • Reduced accidents and incidents
  • Reduced insurance liabilities
  • Improved commercial safety ratings & hence better employability
  • Happy and highly engaged crew

By adopting the Bigyellowfish Workplace Wellbeing Platform organisations can aim to achieve the above in the following ways:

  • Improved mental health and wellbeing- Higher resilience quotient of the employees / crew.
  • Visible leadership – Being more visible to the crew by breaking barriers of communication & enabling reach to the last mile employee / crew.
  • Build a platform of Trust and Transparency - Understanding the pulse of the employees and be able to quickly respond to their needs & challenges, continuously.
  • Be Proactive and Not reactive - Using data analytics, aim to stay ahead of the problems and be able to take decisions at the right time in the right manner

While the world is facing a pandemic and the maritime industry in specific is going through various challenges such as low crew morale, crew rotation and repatriation propelled by closing of borders, crew shortage due to the fear of pandemic, we believe it is important to quickly adapt and focus on the sustenance of the supply chain.

The first step to this is to provide a safety net to the crew and ensure they are safe, happier and well engaged to work with your organisation. Bigyellowfish as a technology platform through its digital solutions will provide such a safety net and this will help augment organisational resilience & growth.

The platform provides the employees a digital solution which helps them self manage through numerous exercises and games while at the same time provides them a seamless channel to access mental health support through numerous chatbots, experts (via text based consult). The platform also allows the users to be able to communicate directly to the management and vice versa via "Let's Talk Channel" for any issues which need immediate attention. This drives a sense of empowerment into the employees and provides a last mile connectivity to the management to drive their expectations. The Bigyellowfish platform drives learning into the flow of work in a micro and just in time manner. It helps organizations to drive learning with effectiveness in the most relevant and contextual manner. All the above does not require the end user to spend more than 5 to 10 mins a day. Organizations can choose from any of the products or even choose an integrated approach. We are currently working with large ship owners and managers in the maritime industry.

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