TBC 2019
New York

Cyber Security U.S.

Prepare for cyber security challenges that you will face. Improve your strategies for training and crisis management. Recognize your role in combating attacks.

an AICPA & CIMA event in association with KNect365

Invaluable security insight

Sharpen your knowledge of cyber security and how you can protect your company and support your teams. The conference will feature dedicated tracks for both implementers who are seeking to create change in their own organisation and advisors seeking to provide advisory and assurance services to clients; this is the only cyber security conference you can't afford to miss. 

Create change within your company

Understand your role in creating change within cyber security in your company.

Dedicated conference for CPAs, CFOs and the finance function to help you understand how to make changes in your organization and prepare your company for the threat of cyber-attacks as well as explaining why cyber security is critical to your role. Sessions include:

  • Identifying and assessing your risks
  • The costs associated with a data breach
  • Public relations: understanding the narrative
  • Third party risk: working with your partners
Advisors track

Dedicated separately bookable programme track on day 2 for those looking to provide cyber security advisory and assurance services to their clients. Sessions include:

  • Bridging the knowledge gap – the role of CPAs in cyber security
  • System and Organization Controls: SOC services
  • Creating partnerships & building your brand: making your mark in a crowded space
  • How to train client teams
Data protection and privacy

In the wake of numerous breaches that have led to the loss of client information, data protection and privacy are at the forefront of the public consciousness. Understand your responsibilities and how to stay compliant in a global world with sessions covering:

  • Key regulation, U.S. vs EU and GDPR 
  • What are your responsibilities? 
  • What does the customer expect? 
  • How do you respond after a data breach?
Live scenario: the financial and business impacts of cyber-attack

This session on day one will simulate the cascade of commercial consequences that follow a catastrophic breach. Expert panelists will explain how the shock, speed and ambiguity of a large data breach can paralyse large companies. Delegates will be invited to comment and vote on as the simulation progresses, considering issues such as:

  • Triage: where to deploy limited resources
  • Collaboration: who to involve and call on for support
  • Values: how to make urgent decision during extending uncertainty
Cyber Security, AI and new technologies

The conference will examine the impact of new technology on cyber security and how it presents both risk and opportunity. 

As well as giving you access to key cyber security advisors and providers in the exhibition space, sessions on day two will examine the role of new technologies going forwards, help you understand the challenges and discuss how you can future proof your implementation strategy. 

Changing culture and training

The human factor in cyber security is a major risk for many firms. This event will focus on:

  • How to communicate that risk to your staff and clients
  • How to understand shared responsibility 
  • Getting the best from your team
  • Third party risk and working with your partners

The advisors track will also dive into efficiently and effectively training client teams. 

One event. Two days. Countless opportunities to engage with CPAs and cyber security experts

9+ hours
Presentations from industry experts
4+ hours
Panels and interactive discussions
5+ hours
Networking with CPAs and cyber security experts

Upcoming webinar

How can you protect your company against financial risks associated with cyber attacks?

Join us for this live webinar to find out.

  • How you can avoid the financial risks involved with a cyber attack
  • Be prepared for the worst-case scenario cyber attack

  • How to tackle a large data breach that could paralyse your company

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