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Finance Transformation London

Reinventing finance - how to make it happen

an AICPA and CIMA event in association with KNect365

Unleash the power of digital! Learn how finance can accelerate capability, profitability and value to the business

With Finance leaders front of mind, Finance Transformation brings to the table fresh thinking and new ideas on how finance can excel in their transformation journeys by embracing disruption and connecting the dots on people, process and technology.

5 key take-aways:

  1. Realise the full potential of AI / RPA / ML and analytics in the corporate finance function
  2. Build and support an insights-driven business
  3. Shift the mindset, skillset and competencies of your finance team
  4. Become a strategic influencer and business partner to the enterprise
  5. Thrive and deliver measurable value

Hear from CFO's and finance and accounting leaders who are MAKING IT HAPPEN.

We know the road to digital transformation isn’t easy, but the results will be tremendous!

A changing role and mandate

To thrive in the digital age, finance must go beyond its traditional, accounting and bookkeeping role, to become a strategic thinker and influential decision-maker to the business. Those who actively embrace change and take the necessary steps to evolve and transform themselves, their functions and their teams, will be the winners in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

To help you get there, Finance Transformation deep dives into the 3-pillars of transformation to find the answers that will help you thrive, not just survive, in this time of unprecedented change!

Accelerate your understanding of:

  1. How next step operational excellence in a digital age is transforming business models and finance operating models
  2. How to power finance with digital intelligence and the tools to unlock greater decision-making and profitability
  3. How to leverage digital and people to accelerate finance to its role of business influencer
200+ finance and accounting leaders from global, national and SMEs

Share insights and benchmark your transformation journey with peers who are; 

  • mature in practice, 
  • continuing an ongoing transformation;
  • embarking on the future of finance journey
3 pillars of transformation to define, enable and shape the finance function

Bring it all together by accelerating your understanding and application of;

  1. Operational Excellence
  2. Digital Intelligence
  3. Business Influence
3 power houses bringing the best and brightest finance minds together

This platform to connect the dots on people, process and technology is brought to you by:

  • AICPA and CIMA - the world's largest accounting association 
  • informa connect - the world’s largest conference company

Tech Focus - for Finance Functions

Innovation, collaboration and performance enhancement. Learn how to turn disruptors into opportunities for competitive advantage and growth. 

1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Machine Learning
3. Blockchain
4. Robotic Process Automation
5. Analytics
6. Cloud

Bringing finance out of its cave to unlock value

Are you struggling with reinventing your finance function so that you can move beyond digital disruption? 

Andrew Codd addresses the current issues facing the finance function and gives practical tips about how you can overcome such challenges to make your department more confident about stepping out from its cave ready to face the task of creating and capturing more value for stakeholders! 

Check out Andrew's session as part of the innovation roundtable at this year's event.

Finance Transformation Post-Show Report 2018

Last year, AICPA & CIMA, in association with KNect365 delivered a series of global events focused on the future of finance and how finance leaders can thrive in the age of digital disruption.

Discover how CFOs and finance leaders were inspired to embrace this unprecedented disruption and move forward by downloading our post-show report from 2018.

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