TBC 2020
New York


Finance Transformation New York

Reinventing finance. How to make it happen.

an AICPA & CIMA event in association with KNect365

Unleash the power of digital! Learn how to accelerate capability, profitability and value to the business

Designed with Finance leaders in mind, Finance Transformation brings to the table fresh thinking and creative ideas on how to embrace disruption and connect the dots around people, process and technology.

Corporate CFO's and heads of finance and accounting will share insights and valuable learnings to help support and steer you on your digital journey.

By attending, you will learn how to:

  • Realize the full potential of AI / RPA / ML and analytics in the corporate finance function
  • Build and support an insights-driven business
  • Shift the mindset, skillset and competencies of your finance team
  • Become a strategic influencer and business partner to the enterprise
  • Thrive and create measurable value

We know the process towards digital transformation isn’t easy, but the results will be tremendous!


CFO to Chief Strategy Officer: Are you ready?

CFOs in today’s world are expected to impact performance across the enterprise.

How do CFOs collaborate with company leaders outside of Finance to identify key company performance drivers?

Join Ernie Humphrey to discover how CFOs are leveraging business partnering in conjunction with the right technology to deliver business intelligence to company leaders when they need it.

Tech Focus - for Finance Functions

Innovation, collaboration and performance enhancement. Learn how to turn disruptors into opportunities for competitive advantage and growth.

1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Machine Learning
3. Blockchain
4. Robotic Process Automation
5. Predictive Analytics
6. Cloud

A changing role and mandate

The future of finance mandate is to go beyond a traditional, core accounting role and become a more strategic and influential player across the whole enterprise.  

Finance Transformation New York is designed to help you get there.

4 themes to define, enable and shape the future of finance
  1. changing   competencies and mindsets
  2. changing   role and mandate of finance 
  3. changing   technology and finance
  4. changing   shape of the finance function
100+ finance leaders from global, national and SMEs

Share experiences and benchmark your transformation journey with peers who are; 

  • mature in practice, 
  • continuing the ongoing transformation;
  • embarking on the future of finance journey
3 power houses bringing the best minds together

We know the path to change is not an easy one. In order to help you share  knowledge and expertise, this platform is brought to you by:

  • AICPA & CIMA - the world's largest accounting association 
  • KNect365 - the world’s largest conference company

Navigating tomorrow's path. Together.

We know the process to change is not an easy one and we are working with you to help realize the future of finance mandate through bringing the best ideas and innovations to guide you on the journey.

Join us and hear new perspectives on:

Embracing the latest disruptive technologies

Finance is facing unprecedented disruption. Responsible for changing the shape and role of both the function and its finance leaders, demystifying and embracing some of the more critical technologies is the path to success.

Don't simply jump on the technology bandwagon! Hear practical experiences and insights from industry speakers who will help you to assess exactly what technology you do and don't need, to move forward.

Transforming finance operating models

Every CFO is an artist. Finding your own way to building the best finance function to support your business is how we can help. 

  • Embrace and adopt change
  • Capitalize on the opportunities open to you
  • Build the foundations to become a different kind of CFO leading a different kind of finance function
  • Increase the agility, speed and performance of the function
Future-proofing skills and competencies

‘Finance people need a mindset that enables them to adapt through continuous learning.’

  • Explore how technological automation is shifting the competency skills set required of a finance professional
  • Introduce the concept of a growth mindset
  • Demonstrate the increasing need to continually learn and relearn as new technologies replace timeworn skills and knowledge

Finance Transformation Post-Show Report

Last year, AICPA & CIMA, in association with KNect365 delivered a series of global events focused on the future of finance and how finance leaders must thrive in the age of digital disruption.

Discover how CFOs and finance leaders were inspired to embrace this unprecedented disruption and move forward by downloading our post-show report from 2018.

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