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Demo your latest innovation

Only at Finovate

Demoing companies are at the centre of Finovate events. Two days dedicated to 60+ product demos on the biggest stage. We don’t put demos on a side stage, in a track room, or in an exhibition booth – Finovate demos run as a single track on the main stage in the general session to 1000+ senior decision-makers. These aren't just short-handed pitches. They're real product demos of the best financial technology in action.

As financial services expand, so does the technology featured at the show. Demo lineups are curated for diversity, to offer something for everyone. Past demos have included technology focused on customer experience, regtech, insurtech, proptech, healthtech, wealthtech, security, identity, biometrics, blockchain, crypto, investment, onboarding, open banking, digital banking, lending, payments, and more.

We select demoers based on the quality and originality of innovations they want to showcase - whether they're established leaders in the space or brand-new startups. 

If you're working on something new and innovative, apply now.

Why Finovate?

Finovate's record of successful events spans 14+ years, built on four core principles:

Focus - demoers are the focus of the audience’s attention, on stage and at their stands in the exhibition area throughout the entire event. Meaning demoers can meet the people that matter to them.

Format - only demos. No shorthand pitches, no slides and no videos allowed. A live demo is the best way to show your potential buyers, partners and investors how your tech can benefit them. 

Selectivity - Finovate curates the demo lineup from hundreds of inquiries across the full the breadth of new financial services technology. So there's something for everyone in the audience.

Exposure - demoing is a powerful platform to find customers, network with peers, raise funding and discover partners. This includes exposure to 1000+ senior fintech leaders at the event and to 100,000s of fintech professionals via pre-event marketing. In addition, there's lifetime coverage of company news, awards and wins to Finovate’s 350,000+ yearly website visitors, 11,000+ newsletter subscribers and 41,000+ social media network.

Hall of Fame

While you’ve probably heard of the companies below, you may not know they demoed at FinovateEurope conferences over the past 10 years. They went on to become unicorns, famous for acquisitions, funding, key partnerships with major financial institutions, and more. 

FinovateEurope was one step on their ladder to success – will you be next?

RODI: Return on Demo Investment

Finovate supports companies before, during and after the demos to drive measurable ROI. The demo package includes the following: 

Before the event
Before the event
  • Visibility in emails sent to Finovate's database of 170,000+ senior fintech decision makers and media partners' databases

  • Dedicated blog post on Finovate's blog & daily newsletter - 30,000+ visitors per month and 11,000+ newsletter subscribers

  • Company profile on the event website - 55,000+ visitors per year

  • Social media postings on Twitter and LinkedIn - 44,000+ and 5,000+ followers

  • One-on-one presentation skills coaching from Greg Palmer, Director of Strategy

  • Two free speaker tickets and 60% discounted tickets to share with your contacts and colleagues

  • Attendee list with titles & organizations before the event

  • Media & analyst list with contact details before the event

At the event
At the event
  • 7-minutes on the mainstage in the general session (single track) to showcase your technology and value proposition to 1000+ attendees

  • A plug and play stand in the exhibition area to connect with audience members

  • A full page profile with contact details in the event booklet given to all attendees (allowing attendees to reach out after the event)

  • An AI-powered networking app that suggests meetings with relevant attendees and assigns meeting locations, plus allows messaging

  • A free lead retrieval device to collect leads

After the event
After the event
  • Pursue leads captured during the event

  • Professionally edited video of your demo for your own marketing purposes

  • Demo video hosted on with 350,000+ visitors per year, promoted to 11,000+ daily newsletter subscribers and 44,000+ Twitter followers

  • Lifetime coverage of your company's future notable events to Finovate's digital community (e.g., product launches, industry awards, new C-level hires, etc.)

Selection Criteria

Finovate conferences are open to startup, established and public companies with new financial services technology. This results in a highly competitive selection process. We review hundreds of applications before finalising the demo lineup. We may contact you for more information, we choose most demo companies on their application alone. 

While you may be contacted for more information, most companies are chosen based solely on their application. Please ensure the application is filled out as completely as possible with the below criteria in mind. 


Is the technology new or with material developments? Do you have a substantial announcement about expanding your technology's reach?


Is the approach original and innovative? How big of a technological/logical leap does it make?


What is the potential to make an impact? Disrupt the market?

Wow Factor
Wow Factor

Does it make us sit up and take notice?


What other applications are in the same space? Being different is good.

Entry Date
Entry Date

Selections for the demo lineup are made on a rolling basis -- the earlier you apply, the more likely you are to be selected. Also if we're seeing clusters of similar solutions, date of application may be the tiebreaker.

Demo Pricing

If your company is selected to demo, the demo fee depends on the stage of your company and when you apply. Payment plans are available.

Company Category*

  • Seed-Stage Startup: Less than $100k in annual revenue and less than $1M in total funding
  • Early-Stage Startup: $100k-$1M in annual revenue, $1M-$5M in total funding
  • Expansion-Stage Startup: $1M-$5M in annual revenue, $5M-$25M in total funding
  • Established Company: More than $5M in annual revenue or more than $25M in total funding
  • Publicly-Traded Company: Any company that is publicly listed on any stock exchange

*When between categories, select the advanced category (i.e., If your company's revenue is early stage while your funding is expansion stage, you must select expansion stage).

Very early-bird application: apply by August 28, 2020
Very early-bird application: apply by August 28, 2020
  • Seed-Stage Startup: $3,995 USD
  • Early-Stage Startup: $4,995 USD
  • Expansion-Stage Startup: $8,995 USD 
  • Established Company: $13,995 USD 
  • Publicly-Traded Company: $18,995 USD 
Early-bird application: apply by September 25, 2020
Early-bird application: apply by September 25, 2020
  • Seed-Stage Startup: $4,995 USD
  • Early-Stage Startup: $5,995 USD
  • Expansion-Stage Startup: $9,995 USD 
  • Established Company: $14,995 USD 
  • Publicly-Traded Company: $19,995 USD 
Regular application: apply by or after October 23, 2020
Regular application: apply by or after October 23, 2020
  • Seed-Stage Startup: $5,995 USD
  • Early-Stage Startup: $6,995 USD
  • Expansion-Stage Startup: $10,995 USD 
  • Established Company: $15,995 USD 
  • Publicly-Traded Company: $20,995 USD 

Application Tips

Still not sure what to include in your application? Heather Stowell, Demo Director, has four helpful tips for applying: 

  1. Highlight what you're working on that's new. 
  2. Tell us your company and product story. 
  3. Answer why you've chosen to apply to this Finovate. 
  4. And let us know what you're doing that's different from what's already in the market. 

Also, make sure to check out demo videos from past conferences to understand Finovate's unique demo requirement:

Demoing at Finovate: the complete cycle in 90 seconds.

Susan Langer, CEO of Spave, describes the Finovate demo experience from preparation to pay off.