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What are the growth opportunities for your organization?

FinovateEurope has it all: dozens of new fintech services and solutions focusing on open banking, financial wellbeing, wealth management, customer engagement, conversational agents, personalised marketing, and more. 

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Algoritmica helps financial institutions make sense of customer data and monitor behavioural risk in the digital era.


Altilia is a leader in providing intelligent robotic process automation solutions for the financial service industry.


ANNA's tax calculation automation employs smart receipt management and expense categorisation and provides seamless integration with their own banking functionality.

Antelop Solutions

Antelop is the Digital Partner of banks, certified Visa, Mastercard, and CB, answering their digitization challenges.


Apiax's digital solution ensures that financial institutions stay legally compliant.


ApPello's Trade Finance solution tracks and secures assets for SMEs using a user-friendly, self-service portal with back-office integration.

ARM Insight

ARM Insight's Synthetic Data Process monetizes data safely and securely for financial institutions and payment processors using an innovate Data Refinery Engine.


Authlete is a managed-cloud/on-prem solution that provides Web APIs to implement OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Financial-grade API and CIBA.


Bambu GO helps small and medium investment firms reach out to users digitally by employing a robo that focuses on goal-based investing, where end-users invest toward goals rather than individual funds.


Bankish's core-operations solution targets the operational inefficiencies of different sized credit providers.


BLECKWEN's real-time fraud detection solution targets the emerging threats of financial crime within banks and financial institutions using behavioural analytics and explainable AI.


CASHOFF's Cashback 2.0 helps banking customers repay bank loans via cashback rewards by allowing them to receive cashback for the everyday items they purchase.


Chatvisor's co-browsing technology provides visual context for contact center agents in customer service by using a screen sharing technology that works completely without download.

Covr Security

Passwords should not exist. Covr is the next generation multifactor authentication. Credential-less, for maximum security and UX to your customers.

Crayon Data

Crayon Data's increases engagement between banking and retail enterprises and their customers using AI-driven personalization algorithms that leverage consumer tastes and extensive domain knowledge.


Crowdz's 24/7 Invoice Exchange lets SME's and MME's efficiently send invoices and payments using blockchain and risk scoring.


We help banks, lenders, insurers, and other companies to improve classification of the existing data by providing a machine learning enabled solution.


Diligend tackles the cumbersome Funds Due Diligence process for institutional investors using digitization and automation.


Dorsum's Communication Hub provides instant communication between financial advisors and their premium and private banking investors.


ebankIT is leading the digital banking revolution with its Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform, helping Banks and CUs transform their businesses.


Invest by becoming a tree owner.


Efigence's EFI4 SME Digital Banking technology connects modern businesses to real-time money management using instant project SPACES and 360° SMART dashboards.


Fidel's API provides financial data for developers in financial services using payment card-linking technology.


FinTecSystems' financial data categorization and analysis standard improves the decision-making process for banks, fintechs, and insurance and accounting providers using the financial data in their business processes.


Glassbox's Tag-Free Digital Customer Management platform analyses every digital customer interaction with 100% data capture in real time for tier one enterprises across various verticals.


Glia's system of engagement uses a combination of technology and the human touch to solve complex online inquiries for large enterprises.


The Horizn Knowledge Platform uses a micro-learning simulation methodology to solve digital adoption and digital transformation for both bank employees and their customers.


iProov's Photo Verifier combats the threat of doctored ID documents with falsified photos for online ID verification using image processing, machine learning and device ergonomics.


ITSCREDIT's Genie Advisor helps with short-term financial management for people with life goals using algorithms and AI linked to lending solutions and savings simulators.


LeapXpert's B2C communication platform targets the major compliance issues in messaging between company employees of financial institutions and their clients.


Lokky's fully digital business insurance experience uses smart analytics to provide personalization and relevance for micro-enterprises, professionals, and freelancers.


MODIFI's digital platform offers trade finance solutions for SMEs.


Neonomics arose as a direct response to the challenges facing the banking industry during its radical transition into the era of PSD2 and open banking.


NordCheck automates Compliance management, thus eliminates the need for Excels, hiring an army of compliance resources and improves information quality.


Opentech's OpenPay for MoneyTransfer combats the high costs and inconvenience of international money transfers using technology with very low integration effort.


payever's commerce infrastructure allows customers to shop online in an easier way.


PayMob's Smart POS solution cuts demployment time, lowers fees, and allows new payment methods on the fly for banks and financial institutions.


Qiwi's Qplatform provides seamless integration between fintechs and banks and allows fintechs to easily enter the marketplace.


Quppy is a digital payment solution consolidating your bank cards and accounts with a unique AI based technology.


ReceiptHero is an open digital receipt platform that sends itemized receipts from point of sale (POS) systems to your banking & accounting apps.

Scientia Consulting

Scientia Consulting's web and subscription-based platform employs an easy-to-use interface/dashboard to target the lack of competitor analysis and benchmarking among banks and fintechs worldwide.


SONECT's "Virtual ATM" platform combats the high cost of cash distribution, management, and accessibility for banks, retailers and cash-users using a sharing economy model and open banking APIs.


Take control of your subscriptions! See all your recurring payments, cancel subscriptions and get notified about changes – all in a white label setup.


Sumsub's compliance-as-a-service solution utilizes new business processes and powerful automation of the entire customer lifecycle to combat compliance, anti-fraud and onboarding challenges for businesses in crypto, fintech, trading, gaming and sharing industries.


Our software is directed to insurance and reinsurance companies that sell insurance policies for commercial properties.


Trulioo's GlobalGateway Business Verification solves for fraud and mitigates risk using API access to multiple global data sources, including live issuing and third-party consumer credit.


Unblu's conversational platform improves digital communication and collaboration for banks and insurance companies.


Utluna's powerful, customizable, hassle-free web application collects, aggregates, and analyses data relating to multi-asset class, multi-currency, and multi-broker investments using APIs from financial institutions and from market data providers. is building a unique voice platform for global enterprises. It has capability to understand multiple languages, dialects, accents, and tonality.


W.UP's banking personalisation platform uses data analytics and AI to understand a banking customer's life situation.


Zelros is a B2B independent software vendor developing Artificial Intelligence for insurance and bank insurance players.