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Formulation of adjuvants for biocontrol - WHITEPAPER


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There is a growing interest in the use of biological control agents for crop protection, and biologicals, rightly or wrongly, are being held to the same standards for efficacy and overall performance as conventional pesticides even though they offer other benefits. There are a number of constraints to using biological control agents for crop protection in practice, but there is evidence that through application with a carefully selected adjuvant, many of these constraints can be overcome, and the efficiency of biocontrols can be improved.

This whitepaper explores the formulation of adjuvants for biocontrol to create more efficient crop protection, including:

- The formulation of biological adjuvants
- What makes a good adjuvant?
- The biological adjuvants market
- The impact of adjuvants on biological products
- The application process of adjuvants with biological products

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