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Future Energy and Hydrogen Development Summit
6-7 November 2023
Westin DohaDoha, Qatar

6-7 November 2023
Westin Doha,
Doha, Qatar

Future Energy and Hydrogen Development Summit

Powering the Future: Unleashing Qatar's Clean Energy Potential

Charting a New Course for Clean, Integrated, and Resilient Energy Ecosystems: Uniting Global Energy Experts in Qatar

Join international energy experts, policy makers and government representatives as they convene for this comprehensive 2-day summit to establish policies, strategies and partnership pathways to accelerate Qatar's LNG and hydrogen production, supply, and distribution across the globe.

Qatar: Becoming a force to reckon with in the global energy industry

Qatar offers lucrative market opportunities for both LNG and hydrogen production. With its vast reserves of natural gas, particularly in the North Field, Qatar is well-positioned to expand LNG production and maintain its status as the world's largest LNG supplier. The country has ambitious plans to increase LNG production from 77 million tonnes to 126 million tonnes annually by 2027. 

Qatar, with its abundant natural gas reserves, also aims to become a major exporter of green and blue hydrogen. Qatar plans to develop a green hydrogen production facility with a capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per annum by 2025. Leveraging economies of scale and lower production costs, Qatar is poised to capitalize on the increasing global demand for hydrogen and contribute to the growth of this promising industry.

Supported by favorable government policies and its strategic location in the Middle East, Qatar enjoys a competitive advantage in the LNG and hydrogen markets. The country's reputation as a reliable energy supplier further enhances its market dominance making it an attractive playing field for global powerhouses and energy companies.

Key Topics

This 2-day summit aims to support Qatar's goal of becoming the world's leading energy supplier, strengthening its international presence and achieving its net-zero goals. This inaugural event will provide an important platform for policymakers, gas experts, innovators, investors, and financiers to establish policies, strategies and partnerships that foster an integrated, resilient, and diversified clean energy eco-system.

Developing Clean Energy Policies & Frameworks

Discussing the development of comprehensive policies and frameworks to support the transition towards clean energy systems, fostering an enabling environment for investment, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Maintaining Supply Security

Examining strategies and policies to ensure a secure and reliable supply of energy, focusing on market dynamics, supply chain resilience, and international partnerships.

Expanding LNG Production and Export Capacity

Exploring opportunities for increasing Qatar's LNG production and export capacity to meet the growing global demand, with the country aiming to expand production to 126 million tonnes annually by 2027.

Scaling Up in Hydrogen Production

Focusing on the emerging market of hydrogen production, Qatar aims to become a major exporter of green and blue hydrogen, leveraging its abundant natural gas reserves and aiming to develop a green hydrogen production facility with a capacity of 1.2 million tonnes per annum by 2025.

Focus on Sustainability and Renewable Energy

Highlighting Qatar's commitment to sustainability, discussions will revolve around achieving a 25% reduction in carbon intensity of LNG plants and upstream operations by 2030, and aiming to generate 20% of electricity from renewable sources by then.

Achieving Energy Efficiency

Exploring innovative solutions and technologies to optimize energy systems and improve efficiency, contributing to Qatar's goal of becoming a global energy efficiency leader.

Developing Carbon Capture Infrastructure

Addressing the importance of carbon capture infrastructure in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, with a focus on advancements, market opportunities, and potential collaborations in this critical area.

Leveraging Digitalization and Automation

Showcasing the adoption of digital technologies and automation to optimize energy systems, enhance operational efficiency, and drive innovation in the energy sector.

Geopolitical Stability and Energy Cooperation

Addressing the impact of geopolitical developments on the energy sector, with a focus on fostering cooperation, dialogue, and stability in the aftermath of the Russian-Ukraine war, ensuring reliable energy supplies and sustainable energy partnerships.

Programme Overview

2-day Technical Conference with Site Visits

Breakout Rooms with Roundtable Discussions

Bright Sparks Session for Young Professionals & Graduates

VIP Breakfast Briefings

50+ Speakers

300+ Conference Delegates


The Future Energy and Hydrogen Development Summit will be a CPD certified event. 

Attendees can request a CPD certificate after attending the event. For further information on CPD accreditation please visit:

6-7 November 2023
Westin Doha,
Doha, Qatar

Limited number of VIP passes available

We have set aside a limited number of complimentary passes for regulators, energy policy makers, industrial/manufacturing energy consumers and ministers.

Speak to VIP Manager Chloe for more information: E:

Why Attend

Industry Collaboration and Policy Development

The event will bring together key stakeholders, including policymakers, to establish national policies and strategies for advancing Qatar's LNG and hydrogen production, supply, and distribution. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in discussions that shape the future of the global energy industry.

Partnership & Investment Opportunities

The summit aims to attract foreign investments by showcasing Qatar's potential as a leading energy supplier. It offers a platform for investors to explore investment opportunities in Qatar's natural gas reserves, hydrogen production capabilities, and clean energy technologies

Exclusive Industry Insights

Stay updated on the latest trends, policies, and strategies and learn about Qatar's climate change action plan, its transition to low-carbon energy systems, and the development of carbon capture infrastructure.

6-7 November 2023
Westin Doha,
Doha, Qatar


Showcase your expertise, present your ideas and solutions to our Future Energy and Hydrogen Development Forum audience in Qatar.