Arcesium is a technology and tech-enabled services company. We deliver solutions to front-, middle-, and back-office teams at some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional asset managers, hedge funds, asset allocators, and banks. Through a combination of advanced automation, innovative data management tools, and anomaly-resolution workflows, Arcesium’s goal is to enable clients to achieve a single source of truth, scalable to millions of data points, for use throughout their entire organization.

Building on a platform developed and tested by one of the world's leading investment and technology development firms, the D. E. Shaw group, Arcesium launched as an independent company in 2015. Arcesium received additional equity backing from a second seed client, Blackstone Alternative Asset Management, the world's largest discretionary allocator to hedge funds. Since then, we have grown to support more than $125 billion in assets with a staff of over 800 software engineering, accounting, operations, and treasury professionals.

Beginning in 2019, Arcesium began offering key features of the platform as standalone software and services solutions. These modular solutions apply Arcesium’s speed, accuracy, and innovation to solving specific parts of the middle- and back-office workflow and are much faster to implement than a full systems overhaul.