The GAIM Ops Win-Win Offer

It’s not often we see offers that are truly a win-win. But these are unique times and so we want to do our part for the GAIM Ops community….. 

  • Win number 1 - Win number 1 - book a ticket for just $499 (Investment manager rate)/$1699 (Standard rate) for what’s shaping up to be a fantastic virtual event in 2020.
  • Win number 2 - save $499 (Investment manager rate)/$1699 (Standard rate) on your pass for a physical GAIM Ops event in 2021. 

Of course, we’re very confident the agenda and seeing who'll be attending should be enough to convince you to book your place. But in addition, booking a ticket for yourself for this year’s virtual event means you’ll get a $499 (Investment manager rate)/$1699 (Standard rate) discount for next year’s physical conference if you attend it in person. So as the cost for the 2020 event is only $499 (Investment manager rate)/$1699 (Standard rate), attending next year’s physical event effectively means you’ll enjoy all the amazing content and networking at GAIM Ops Connect 2020 for free!

And, if for any reason we aren’t able to run the event physically in 2021, the code will be valid for the 2022 physical event instead. You’ll receive your personalized discount voucher code once the 2020 event has taken place. 

Book by September 18 to claim this offer!