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September 2020

Protect your crew and cargo. Prevent liquefaction. Stop Containership fires.

Our two day event will look at the real hazards posed by the occurrence of liquefaction of bulk cargoes and containership fires.

Shipping can be a profitable but at times hazardous business. Make sure you safeguard against the risks at sea. Attend day one for the latest information on liquefaction of bulk cargoes. Attend day two for insights on preventing and stopping containership fires.

Thank you

A big thank you to our speakers and attendees at the Hazardous Cargoes Forum. 

2019 Key Topics

Gathering together key stakeholders in the industry, we discussed topical issues relating to the legal, financial and technical aspects of shipping hazardous cargoes. We looked at how best to protect your crew, vessel and cargo through a variety of panel discussions, case studies and keynote sessions.

Preventing the Liquefaction of Bulk Cargoes

Day one of the agenda was dedicated to cargoes with a propensity to liquify. 

Do we truly understand the mechanisms of liquefaction and how to combat it?

Specialists in dealing with cargo liquefaction discussed the latest theories behind liquefaction and which cargoes are high risk. We delved into current regulations, the IMSBC code and guidelines in place and provided guidance for masters on what they need to know before accepting cargo. 

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Accurate sampling techniques for liquefaction - is the can test too rudimentary for today's industry?

We explored the latest sampling techniques to better identify dangerous cargoes and ensure cargoes are within the correct moisture limits for safe transportation. 

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Risk, liability and claims- who is liable for what in liquefaction cases?

We examined the latest guidance from P&I clubs, analyse the owners' and charters' rights and discuss how to accurately predict risk. 

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Preventing Containership Fires

 Day two discussed how to mitigate the risk of containership fires.

Active management of containership fires

How best to manage a containership fire? Specialists shared case studies and lessons learned from recent incidents from documentary the discovery of the fire through and first response through to completion of the case.

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Mitigating the risks of containership fires - what can the industry do?

We gathered key stakeholders to discuss the difficulties of managing and reducing the risk of misdeclared or undeclared cargoes. We examined current regulations and protocols, and assessed whether the rules are robust enough to deal with today's challenges.

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In focus: the safety and financial implications of containership fires

Discussions on how we can better protect crews, are current fire regulations, SOLAS and safety equipment sufficient when dealing with mega containership incidents? Is the recent increase in fire incidents keeping insurers up at night? What are the true financial implications of dealing with large claims?  

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