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HRSE (HR Summit & Expo)
Masterclass: 22 October 2024
Conference & Exhibition: 23 - 24 October 2024
Future Workplace Awards: 23 October 2024
Dubai, UAE



At Lissen.IO®, we believe in the transformative power of data-driven decision-making. Our mission is to provide tech-enabled platforms that empower business owners and leaders to make informed choices by actively listening to their stakeholders and processes. We understand the critical role that feedback from employees, customers, and other stakeholders plays in shaping the success of an organization.

Our cutting-edge platforms have been meticulously crafted to assist organizations in assessing, analysing, and acting upon feedback in real-time. We recognize that the business landscape is dynamic, and the ability to adapt swiftly is paramount. Lissen.IO's solutions are designed to be agile, allowing organizations to stay ahead by responding promptly to the ever-changing needs and expectations of their stakeholders.

Key Features of Lissen.IO® :

1. Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement: We enable organizations to listen to a spectrum of stakeholders, including employees, customers, and other key players in the business ecosystem.

2. Real-time Feedback Analysis:Our platforms provide real-time analysis of feedback, allowing organizations to stay ahead of trends and swiftly address emerging issues.

3. Actionable Insights: We go beyond data collection by transforming feedback into actionable insights. Lissen.IO® equips businesses with the tools they need to translate information into strategic decisions.

4. Customizable Solutions: Recognizing that each business is unique, our platforms are highly customizable. Tailored to specific industry needs, Lissen.IO® ensures that organizations can derive maximum value from the data collected.

Lissen.IO® is more than a technology provider; we are a partner in your journey towards excellence. Join us as we redefine how businesses listen, understand, and act upon the valuable insights provided by their stakeholders.