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The impact of RNAi on crop protection - WHITEPAPER


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Crop plants are continuously exposed to various pathogens including bacteria, fungi and viruses resulting in a 20–40% yield loss globally. RNA Interference (RNAi) is an emerging technology which could play a major role in reducing crop losses, and help to meet a growing global demand for food.

There are two strategies for exploiting RNAi in crop protection. Firstly by transforming crops to produce transgenic varieties using plant incorporated protectants. Secondly by using non transformative methods such as formulations of sprayable dsRNAs, which can be used as direct control agents, resistance factor repressors, or developmental disruptors

This whitepaper looks at the opportunities and impact of RNAi on crop protection, including:

  • The advantages of RNAi

  • The commercial successes so far

  • The future of RNAi

  • Potential pitfalls and challenges for RNAi technology in the future

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