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20-22 October 2021
The Grimaldi ForumMonaco

Exhibitor Manual

Below you will find information and links that will prepare you for IM|Power 2021. Please read carefully through each section below and let Rachel know if you have any questions.


Key Contacts


James Roberts |

James Milloy |

Jamie Cox |


Rachel Lewis | - Sponsorship Operations

Informa Connect is committed to improving diversity, equality and inclusion in every industry it operates in, through our agendas and specialist programmes to encourage a variety of demographics. We expect all our participants, exhibitors and sponsors to support this ethos. We will be asking all our stakeholders to take care when designing their stands, promotions and other communications to ensure that our events contribute to promoting equality in the industry. Please see these additional guidelines for all sponsor and exhibitor attendees.

At Event Safety & Informa AllSecure

Your safety at our events is our top priority. Please click here to see what we will be doing at this event to ensure we can bring you together with your peers, clients and colleagues as safely as possible.

Informa AllSecure is Informa’s approach to enhanced health and safety standards at our events following COVID-19. As the world’s leading events’ organizer, Informa has developed a detailed set of enhanced measures to provide the highest levels of hygiene and safety at its events, providing everyone with reassurance and confidence they are participating in a safe and controlled environment.

For further details on our 10 Key Commitments, please click here

Exhibiting Sustainably

At Informa Connect, we have an ambition to become a champion of sustainability within our business and across the specialist markets we serve. 

As part of our FasterForward programme, we have committed to a series of specific and ambitious goals and activities that, over a five year period, will help us become an ever more sustainable, high impact business while supporting and accelerating change in our markets. 


Firstly we have put together a useful checklist for you to follow on how you can exhibit at our event more sustainably - click here to learn more


Through our commitment to the evolution of the exhibitions industry, we aim to ensure that we are delivering the best possible experience for our customers. We believe that by moving away from the use of disposable exhibition booth we will improve the ease, quality, safety and sustainability of the exhibitor experience at our events. Therefore, as part of event regulation we ask that exhibitors do not use disposable booth. Disposable booths are defined as space only stands made to be used only once which are usually constructed from raw materials at the venue during build up and the main structure is disposed of after the event. For more information and support, please contact Rachel Lewis


**We are specifying that any freebuild exhibitors must demonstrate evidence at both the design concept and build methodology that your stand’s core structural materials are re-useable or recycled  

We are also removing carpet from the exhibition area in 2021.  Carpet has proven to be difficult to recycle and so in line with our sustainability goals, this will be removed for 2021.

Permitted Onsite

  • Core elements i.e. walls, archways, counters etc. must be constructed with reusable materials e.g. system build or stock panels 

  • The stand structure must be prefabricated and ready to assemble onsite 

  • Final adjustments to prefabricated pieces for fitting purposes is allowed 

  • Final coat of acceptable TVOC paints for repair purposes only 

  • Floor flats and system floors must be cut to size before coming onsite and be recyclable and/or reusable 

  • The use of LED lighting 

  • The use of recycled carpet, vinyl flooring, other floor coverings. 

Prohibited Onsite

  • The use of one-time MDF panels or similar raw materials planned to be cutting to size onsite 

  • The use of ‘other’ raw materials to construct core structural elements i.e. walls, archways, floor systems, counters, etc. that are not planned to be reused or recycled after use 

  • Construction of any stand components from single use materials 

  • Building from scratch onsite of any stand core elements 

  • The use of incandescent light bulbs 

  • The use of non-recycled carpet, vinyl flooring, other floor coverings.


In keeping with our sustainability aims at IM|Power we are asking that exhibitors do not provide giveaways at this event and we would like all of our exhibitors to embrace this sustainability goal with us.

In order to assist with this, and remove the need for handouts and giveaways, IM|Power will provide QR codes to exhibitors that can be shown on your stand – these can be used for people to download materials such as white papers or brochures, or to simply share their details with you. This data will be used to provide/track charitable donations throughout the event for logistics and post event messaging. IM|Power’s lead generation system will be provided to you to upload these materials, track leads and make notes. Please send 3 pdf collateral files to Rachel Lewis by 30 September. These will also be used to create the QR codes to display on your stand.

IM|Power will make a donation of €5 per exhibition visit to our preferred charity, WWF, with whom we have a wider collaboration throughout the event. We are also encouraging you as exhibitors to consider doing the same – donating to either our chosen charity or one of your preferred charities for each lead generated at your stand. You could then advertise this at your stand should you choose to do so. We ask our exhibitors to use the budget allocated to giveaways to this cause.  

If you do choose to donate to a charity of your choice, please do let Rachel Lewis know which charity you would intend this to be - it would need to follow the guidelines found below.


If you do decide to donate to a charity for each lead generated at the event (as IM|Power will do - 5€ for each lead), you can either donate to our preferred charity, WWF, with whom we have a wider collaboration throughout the event or to one of your preferred charities.

If you do choose to donate to a charity of your choice, please do let Rachel Lewis know which charity you would intend this to be so that IM|Power can keep a track of charities who would benefit from this event.  

Please note that Informa has the below guidelines for charitable donations:

•Community partners, donation recipients and volunteer hosts must be registered charities

•We cannot support any organisation that discriminates against any group or person, or acts in any way that is inconsistent with Informa’s Business Partner Code of Conduct 

•We do not support political causes or single issue lobbying with volunteering or other resources such as donations or free promotional space.

•Volunteering and donations cannot be for religious outreach, but we do allow Colleagues to work with organisations who are founded on religious principles providing they are non-discriminatory and are not working to attract converts to the religion.


  • 100 word company profile & eps logo - by return
  • Pass registration - by 17 September
  • Exhibitor declaration - by 27 August
  • Documents to be returned to Grimaldi Forum by 15 September.  Pages 35, 42-45 of the Grimaldi Forum exhibition manual are compulsory for all exhibitors to return.
  • Additional furniture orders - by 15 September
  • 3 x pdf files to be used to generate QR codes for your stand - by 30 September
  • Hotel reservation - as soon as possible

Please send details to Rachel Lewis


Exhibitors must not exceed their allocated space. Please be sure to check that your stand will fit within your 3m x 3m space. The Organisers reserve the right to move any items outside the boundaries of your allotted space.

The following are provided for all stands free of charge:

  • Shell scheme (if required)
  • Lighting and nameboard (to shell scheme stands)
  • 1 x 230V power supply
  • 1 x desk
  • 2 x chairs


Please be advised that you are responsible for ensuring that any equipment or materials brought by yourselves are covered by your own insurance. You should have public liability insurance to cover your attendance at the event.

Complimentary wireless internet will be provided for all exhibitors. If you require a fixed line connection, please see options on page 26 of the Grimaldi Forum exhibition manual

We are also removing carpet from the exhibition area in 2021.  Carpet has proven to be difficult to recycle and so in line with our sustainability goals, this will be removed for 2021. However, should you wish to have carpet in your exhibition stand, you can arrange this with the Grimaldi Forum - details can be found on page 24 of the exhibition manual.


As an exhibitor it is essential that you read the health and safety rules.

The declaration must be returned by 27 August so that IM|Power are aware what you plan to do at this event. 

If you have a free build stand you must read the rules here and return stand plans, risk assessments, method statements and a copy of the insurance certificate before permission to build is given.

Please also see here the fire safety information for the Grimaldi Forum. All exhibitors/stand builders must be aware of these rules.


For information regarding local suppliers, parking, transport etc, please see the venue exhibition manual.

Please note that all exhibitors must return pages 35, 42-45 of the manual to the Grimaldi Forum by 15 September


The exhibition is open from Wednesday 20 October - Friday 22 October.

Exhibition Build Up*

Space only stands

09:00 - 17:00 Monday 18 October and 09:00 - 17:00 Tuesday 19 October

Shell scheme stands

12:00 - 17:00 Tuesday 19 October

Exhibition Break Down*

All stands 5pm - 9pm Friday 22 October.

*Please note that these times may change – you will be informed closer to the event if this is the case


It is your responsibility to book your courier for both delivery AND collection. 

Informa strongly recommends that you use a freight company for stand deliveries. You deliver the stand to the freight company and the freight company delivers your stand to your booth at the correct time. IM|Power recommends Monaco Logistique:

Monaco Logistique

For further information please see here and for the order form, please click here.

Please note that if you do not use a freight company for deliveries, materials sent directly to the Grimaldi Forum will be held in the loading bay on level -4 and it will be down to individuals to locate the delivery and transport it to their stand.  Please note materials may not arrive at the Grimaldi Forum before Friday 15 October

All goods must be covered by proper customs documents – please mention it is a temporary exportation in order to avoid paying more taxes than expected.  The venue will not pay any taxes/duties etc and will not accept any underpaid charges. 

Remember – it is your responsibility to arrange for items to be picked up at the end of the event – Monaco Logistique can also assist with this. Note that materials must be collected by COB on Friday 22 October.

While there will be some storage onsite during the event, please note that empty cardboard boxes may not be stored and must be removed.


AV Supplier:
Should you wish to order any AV/screens for your stand, please contact:
ThreeSixty Events Ltd 
Jonathan Ruttley
Tel: 01923 202212
Please see the price list here.

Furniture Supplier:
Please order additional furniture through this link

Please see information on parking from page 12 of the exhibition manual

Catering on your stand: 
The preferred supplier for stand catering is the Fairmont. The menu can be found here. Please note that at this stage, catering on stands is not possible, but Monaco anticipates the rules will change  by October.

Please note that any and all catering on your stand must be arranged through a preferred supplier directly. It is not possible to bring in outside catering.

If you wish to order any electricity other than the standard that will be provided, please contact Sophie Howe.

Freight Company: 
Monaco Logistique
For further information please see here and for the order form, please click here.


If you have not already sent us your company profile please provide the following:

100 word company description plus website address.

Please submit your company profile to Rachel Lewis by return.  

Alternatively, please confirm to the same email address if the profile currently online is correct.

Please email your logo as an eps file to Rachel Lewis by return.


You are entitled to a certain number of complimentary registration passes per your agreement. If you are unsure how many passes you have used or what comes with your package, please contact Rachel Lewis.


The primary contact from each company will receive a unique activation link and details of how to create an account on our registration portal, Visit Connect, to register your complimentary passes for the event.

Speakers will automatically be registered, please do not use your allotments to register speakers. 

The IM|Power speaker co-ordinator will be contacting all speakers directly with further information about their participation.


If you require additional passes, please contact Chloe Modaberi who will be able to share a booking link.


IM|Power are partnering with Visit Connect as the registration and lead retrieval tool for the event.

Visit Connect puts the success of the show firmly in the palm of your hand. Using their own smart device, exhibitors can verify, rate, prioritise, monitor, and respond to leads in real-time, from the show floor or remotely from a team member at your office.

Scan a visitor badge with Visit Connect immediately to:

•access contact data,
•add notes, voice memos and photos
•answer pre-set questions,
•set follow up instructions,
•even immediately contact the lead

Find details here of how Visit Connect will work for lead generation. 

Login details will be sent to the primary contact in due course along with further details on how to use the system.


To arrange accommodation please go to the Plan Your Visit page.

Demand for rooms can be very high, so please book early to avoid disappointment. IM|Power takes no responsibility for hotel reservations.

Informa Connect does not have a third party hotel booking agency representing this event aside from the above links. If you are contacted to book accommodation by any agency, this is not recommended as they are unknown to Informa Connect and the hotel.