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Introduction to Antibody Engineering Training Course (20 - 22 June 2023)


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June 20 - 22, 2023
Digital Training Course4:00PM-6:30PM BST // 11:00AM-1:30PM EDT // 8:00AM-10:30 PST

June 20 - 22, 2023
Digital Training Course,
4:00PM-6:30PM BST // 11:00AM-1:30PM EDT // 8:00AM-10:30 PST

Unlock leading strategies to improve engineering and enhancement of antibodies and antibody-like scaffolds

A dedicated 3-day training course designed to elevate your understanding of how to improve protein function


Today’s wealth of knowledge of protein structures will be reviewed along with the genetics of diversity generation of antibodies, to give insights into the best strategies for improving protein function. There is particular emphasis on the choice of a functional assay to monitor effectively the changes in a desired property, and the use of functional enrichment steps where a library approach is employed. Not only is amino acid sequence amenable to engineering, but glycan structures and other modifications may also be engineered. The course will focus on the engineering and enhancement of antibodies and antibody-like scaffolds. Examples will include work on antibody fragment affinity improvement by 100-fold to low pM affinity. Also the engineering of bispecific antibodies by diverse approaches and the adaptation to generate Chimeric Antibody Receptor (CAR) constructs will be discussed. Expression platforms for producing antibodies for testing and for manufacture will also be covered. A background in biochemistry and molecular biology is useful, as the course is designed to progress rapidly from simple to advanced concepts.

Benefits of the Antibody Training Courses

Informa training courses provide in-depth teaching and discussion about highly technical and scientific topics relevant to the antibody and protein community within a smaller and highly interactive environment. With 6+ hours of dedicated instruction in a classroom-like (teacher/student) approach, this training course will offer you feedback and collaborative opportunities with the instructor and fellow attendees so you can get your burning questions answered in a more individualised setting.

Login Details 1 Week Prior

Attendees will receive their login instructions 1 week before the course start date so they can get familiar with the training course platform in preparation for the course.

Dedicated Q&A Times

Get all your questions answered with our dedicated Q&A times built right into the agenda. The instructor also does daily recaps of prior days lessons to make sure everyone is up to speed.

Digestible Content & Presentation Access

Conveniently scheduled over 3 days in 2.5 hour segments to make the detailed content more easily digestible. Attendees are also able to download the instructor presentation slide deck for each day and keep the slides for future reference

Personalised Interaction

Training courses offer a more personalised interaction with the instructor to answer your specific questions and give feedback in a classroom like setting

Detailed Course Agenda

A detailed course agenda and outline of topics to be covered is listed on the training course website so you know exactly what you will learn

Critical Insights for a Stable Foundation

Develop your understanding of the key matters within the industry that are the building blocks for a stable foundation that enables you to take your knowledge further. This is your opportunity to refresh the core information required for successful research and projects, or upskill as a team in a personalised environment.