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New Ag International China Digital Week webcasts revealed

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The recent weeks have uncovered new challenges in maintaining the world’s food supplies. Whether you’re locked down or in business as usual, join us to discover the leading examples, solutions and business opportunities China now has to offer in crop protection and nutrition. The released agenda for New Ag International China 2020 Digital Week comprises live sessions revealing ground-breaking biological concepts and considerations for situations affected by COVID-19. What’s more, the whole event is free to register here.

Tuesday, May 26: Specialty Fertilizer Chinese Manufacturers: Managing Real World Risk & Exploring Opportunity in China

  • The Chinese Specialty Fertilizer industry - Leo Li, Director of Fertilizer Information Center, CNIC
  • Revealing Why We Invested 5 million USD In the Novel Intelligent Production Line of Water-Soluble Fertilizers and Exploring How Clients Benefit, Especially During the COVID-19 Period - Laurence Zhang, Vice Executive President, Fondin Biotech
  • Seeking Investment with Chinese Manufacturers and Distributors- Avoiding the Snake-Oil and Attracting the Right Companies to Do Business within China - C S Liew, Managing Director, Pacific AgroScience

Wednesday, May 27: From Research to Product Development of Biostimulants Products in China: Product Innovation, Technology & Investment

  • Optimization of Seaweed Extraction Through Using Specific Endonuclease and Its Advantages - Dr. Xiaoan (Sean) Sun, Chief Plant Pathologist of Fondin, UF Assistant Professor (Courtesy) and Certified Public Manager (CPM)
  • The Research and Application of ZNC, a New Biostimulant Based on Plant Endophytes Metabolites - Mr. Liu Haitao, International Business Manager, Shandong Pengbo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Thursday, May 28: Biocontrol, the Emerging Business Opportunity with Chinese Partners

  • Application Status and Development Trend of Biological Control in China - Mr. Qiu Dewen, Chairman of China Biological Pesticide and Biological Control Industrial Technology Innovation, Strategic Alliance
  • Successful Mass Production and Applications of Broad-Spectrum Fungal Pesticides - Dr. Yuxian Xia, Professor in Microbiology of Chongqing University, Chief Scientist at Chongqing Julixin Co. Ltd

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