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Zhejiang Agro New Vision


Zhejiang Agro New Vision Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and now has a registered capital of 20 million yuan. Agro New Vision is a professional fertilizer company that specializes in introducing the world's leading specialty fertilizers and advanced agricultural concepts to provide quality products and technical services to domestic agricultural growers. We advocate “focusing on crops like caring for children”, providing growers with comprehensive crop nutrition programs, improving crop quality, saving labor input, and reducing water and soil environmental pollution.

Agro New Vision and Israel Chemical Group (ICL) Specialty Fertilizer Company are fully engaged in the field of water-soluble fertilizers and have deep cooperation with AgriTecno Fertilizer Co., Ltd. in the field of bio-enhancers. The company now distributes water-soluble fertilizer products including: NovaNPK, PeakMKP, NutriVant, NovAcidNPK, Pekacid, FurdiFlow, FurtiFeed, Agromaster, and Polysulpnate. Distribution of organic bio-promoter products include: Agriful, Tecamin Max, Tecnokel Amino. Exclusive introduction of Natrakelp's products, and became the national distributor.

The company's current sales network covers Northeast China, North China, East China, South China, Southwest China and Northwest China. Its products are widely used in watermelon, banana, grape, potato, tomato, cucumber, flower, rice and other more than 20 kinds of crops. The fertilizer market is in a leading position. Through years of technical marketing promotion, we strive to reduce transaction costs in the distribution chain, establish a good supply chain management, and enhance the brand value of Agro New Vision. We hope to work with all our partners to achieve sustainable development of China's agriculture!


爱普农业科技与以色列化工集团(ICL)特种肥料公司在水溶性肥料领域展开全面合作,并与西班牙艾益农(AgriTecno)肥料有限公司在生物促进剂领域进行深度合作。公司现经销水溶肥产品包括:诺普丰®系列大量元素水溶肥(NovaNPK)、磷酸二氢钾(PeakMKP)、专用型叶面肥(NutriVant)、专用型水溶肥(NovAcidNPK)、酸性磷钾肥(Pekacid)、富地沃系列水溶肥(FertiFlow)、好特丰系列水溶肥(HortiFeed)、易迈施控释肥(Agromaster)和硫酸钾钙镁(Polysulpnate)。经销有机生物促进剂产品包括:艾益农科力富®(Agriful)、泰克明®(Tecamin Max)、泰诺克®(Tecnokel Amino)多元微肥和钙硼合剂等。独家引进澳大利亚海洋巨藻有限公司(Natrakelp)爱优藻™产品,并成为全国总代理。



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