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Welcome to the New AG International E-Book Series, where you get the opportunity to sponsor and contribute to the contents.

The New AG International E-Book Series focuses on a broad spectrum of topics. Some are our traditional New AG International topics, while others stretch into related agricultural, sustainability and environmental themes. To learn more about NAI's planned topics, download our Media Kit.

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Tech and scale – the drivers of Brazil’s ag sector

Welcome to the latest in our e-book series: Tech and scale – the drivers of Brazil’s ag sector

Brazil's transformation into a global agricultural powerhouse has been built on technology and scale. In this e-book, we look at some of the fastest growing markets.

“We’re seeing the tip of the iceberg,” said Antonio Carlos Zem, founder of BioTrop, when talking to New AG International about the revolution taking place in Brazil’s biological market. We feature the company's bio-product for pastures.

Part of the success of biologicals depends on the formulation. We hear from Dr. Daniela Kruse of Evonik, which has launched a new multifunctional carrier that helps to extend the shelf-life of biological formulations.

We also have an exclusive interview with PwC and AgTech Garage. In November 2022, PwC, the global professional services giant, announced the acquisition of AgTech Garage, the largest Agribusiness open innovation hub in Brazil.

Agribusiness is one of the most important sectors of the Brazilian economy representing approximately 26% of the Brazilian GDP, according to PwC Agribusiness Leader Mauricio Moraes.

There are also features on specialty fertilizer, probiotic technology, and Brazil's creation of a bio-inputs programme. As well as well latest news, such as Tradecorp's new research centre in Brazil, and Nutrien acquiring ag retailer Casa do Adubo.

Women in Agriculture

New AG International is proud to announce the release of its second e-book focusing on Women in Agriculture.

In this issue

  • Find out the latest recipient of our Women in AG award.
  • Hear from Valeria Contartese, Director of R&D at Greenhas Group and her thoughts on the routes into agriculture for women.
  • And we speak to a CTO of a precision irrigation company whose experience includes the gaming industry and defence.

SCRSFs - Next Generation Fertilizers and Global Challenges

Welcome to the latest addition to the New AG International e-book series, and the second of our e-books on SCRSFs.

The first on SCRSFs was one of our most viewed e-books highlighting the interest in the topic. We are pleased to present our second title SCRSFs – Next Generation fertilizers and global challenges.

In this edition, we look at how SCRSF technology can provide solutions for some of the pressing global challenges, increasing nutrient use efficiency while maintaining yields for a growing population, all while trying to reduce emissions and minimize environmental impact.

Some of these challenges are more immediate, such as food and fertilizer price inflation. SCRSFs can help growers maximise their returns from inputs.

There is an overview of the SCRSF programme at the New AG International Annual event in Poland in May 2022.

We have an in-depth interview with Jeff Ivan of Soilgenic Technologies, LLC, a company focused on climate smart technologies for agriculture.

BASF provides detailed reasons why stabilised fertilizers can help to reach the EU’s environmental targets on emissions reduction. We hear from Gregor Pasda, Global Technical Marketing - Nitrogen Management, on how farmers also benefit in terms of crop yields.

Underpinning the success of the SCRSF segment are field trials. ICL presents results from various trials on their coated fertilizers, showing that yields can be maintained using lower application rates. Ronald Clemens, ICL Global Marketing & Portfolio Manager CRF argues farmers need to reach for innovative solutions to maintain yield with less fertilizer use.

We also hear from SynTech and some trials they are performing on controlled release fertilizers in two locations.

Innovation will be the lifeblood of SCRSFs, and in a Q&A with the International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), we hear the latest on the Next Gen Fertilizer Challenge competition that has entered its greenhouse trial stage.

We hope you enjoy this e-book, and if you would like to participate in one of our publications, please get in contact.

Biostimulant World Congress 2021

Welcome to the first ever stand-alone publication for the Biostimulant World Congress (BSWC).

This e-book endeavors to provide an overview of the successful 5th edition of the Congress, which ran in Miami, Florida 29 Nov-2 Dec, and as a virtual event in the following week, 6-7 December.

We thank our e-book sponsors for making this e-book possible, which provides an overview of the Congress soon after the event, which can also be of benefit to the wider biological ag-input sector.

The Biostimulant World Congress provided a feast of ideas and information on this dynamic sector. This e-book does not try to encapsulate everything from the Congress – there were 92 posters on display for a start! - but there is a wealth of material within these pages.

In this e-book we have an exclusive interview with Rovensa CEO Eric Van Innis.

Thanks are due to our other sponsors, all of whom took advantage of the BSWC to communicate their latest activity:

  • Acadian Plant Health
  • AgriThority
  • DPH Biologicals
  • Intermag
  • Tradecorp (a Rovensa company)

The 5th BSWC in Miami provided a feel-good factor to be back as an in-person event. Enjoy this addition to the New AG International E-Book Series.

Water-Soluble Fertilizers – Where Quality Matters

New AG International is particularly proud to release an e-book in one of its founding topics – water-soluble fertilizers.

As the global population grows and demand for fruit and vegetables increases, so too does the importance of water-soluble fertilizer to growers.

And an important trait of water-soluble fertilizers is their lack of substitutability.

One of the core messages from this e-book is the quality level that needs to be obtained when producing water-soluble fertilizers.

We hear from our two sponsors ADOB and Tessenderlo Kerley International, as well as market analysis from New AG International.

We also have a Q&A with one of China's leading water-soluble fertilizer producers, and learn about the production route for technical MAP.

Sustainability through Innovation

New AG International has released a new addition to its e-book series on Sustainability through Innovation.

In March, during UN’s World Water Day, Secretary-General António Guterres said: “The value of water is profound and complex. There is no aspect of sustainable development that does not fundamentally rely upon it.”

This quotation resonates with our featured article by Jeremy Stroud, who explores some of the emerging water challenges affecting the global agri-food sector.

The e-book also looks at biological inputs and how gene-editing could be part of this product group.

We hear also how companies are bringing sustainable practices across their businesses, as well as product offerings. In the spotlight are Idai Nature, Tradecorp and Van Iperen.

SCRSFs – The Next Generation of Fertilizers and Beyond

New AG International is proud to announce the release of its e-book on slow- controlled-release and stabilised fertilizers (SCRSFs).

We have an exclusive interview with Taylor Pursell, a surname synonymous with controlled-release fertilizer in the form of Pursell Agri-Tech.

Lara Moody from the TFI talks us through the thinking behind the EPA-USDA competition to find the next generation of enhanced efficiency fertilizers.

We hear from BASF on its inhibitor products; ICL on developments in coatings; Saviolife on slow-release nitrogen, and Milliken on the benefits of coloration in SCRSFs.

And if that’s not enough, we have a primer on SCRSFs to help you unscramble all those acronyms.

Sustainable Agriculture

How do you define sustainable agriculture? For me it’s about agricultural practices, products and inputs that benefit farmers without causing a harmful impact to the environment. At the same time, it’s also about balancing environmental impact with economic factors.

Throughout this edition of the New AG International E-Book Series we hear from agri leaders, farmers and educators who are passionate about sustainable agriculture. Discover why sustainable agriculture is of critical importance to AlgaEnergy and what we can be doing as an industry to support the development of sustainable solutions for the next generation of farmers.

Women in Agriculture

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ (FAO) work on Gender ‘Empowering Rural Women, Powering Agriculture’, the gender gap between men and women creates elevated costs to the agriculture industry, society, economy as well as women themselves. The Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)’s Gender in Agriculture Partnership (GAP) calls for action to promote gender equity and empower women in agriculture.

With this in mind we feel its important to do our part and have a strong commitment to help give opportunity to Women where we can.

Military Veterans in Agriculture

What do Cargill, Nestlé, John Deere & Dog Tag Inc have in common? They all have links to hiring veterans in Ag.

Through video panels, interviews, articles and research data, all with the support of the Project Opportunity Alliance, this e-book looks at schemes and strategies to encourage veterans into the agriculture workforce.