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Latest News

January 2023

23.01.2023 Soilgenic Technologies launches new inhibitor product for nitrogen fertilizers
19.01.2023 John Deere and Nutrien Ag Solutions partner on digital connectivity
12.01.2023 Valmont / Valley Irrigation to supply irrigation equipment for African projects
11.01.2023 River Bioscience and Oro Agri sign agreement for bio-protection product
10.01.2023 World’s first agriculture focused satellite launched
09.01.2023 Lemken acquires seeding technology company Equalizer
06.01.2023 John Deere’s new planting technology saves on fertilizer use
05.01.2023 Lindsay Corporation partners with Ceres Imaging
04.01.2023 WVU researcher developing technology that recycles urine for fertilizer
03.01.2023 Naïo Technologies raises USD$33 million

December, 2022

21.12.2022 News review 2022 and predictions for 2023
19.12.2022 Deepak Fertilisers demerges its mining chemicals and fertilizer business
13.12.2022 Novozymes and Chr. Hansen to merge
12.12.2022 CNH Industrial invests in Stout Industrial Technology
09.12.2022 Nanobubbles improve soil to combat drought conditions
08.12.2022 Canada’s GoodLeaf Farms to expand nationally
08.12.2022 Information portal launched to help fight pests and diseases of coconut
07.12.2022 Fertoz signs lease extension agreement in U.S.
06.12.2022 Greenhouse-in-a-Box for small-hold farmers
05.12.2022 U.S. university grows vertical farming efforts
02.12.2022 Ireland’s new fertilizer database to include N, P, K sales
02.12.2022 Morocco significantly increases irrigation programs budget
01.12.2022 Mowreq and YesHealth Group form vertical farms joint venture
01.12.2022 Corteva Agriscience to acquire Stoller Group

November, 2022

30.11.2022 Verdant Robotics raises USD$46.5 million
29.11.2022 Creating soil moisture maps for farmers
28.11.2022 Small Robot Company launches Tom v4
23.11.2022 USDA invites ag producers to take part in 2022 Census of Agriculture
22.11.2022 BigSis closes series A at £4.5m
21.11.2022 Scientists develop new fertilizer from food chain waste
21.11.2022 Corteva, STI Biotechnologie pen European market agreement for microbe-based soil/rhizosphere enhancer
18.11.2022 Freight Farms raises $17.5M
18.11.2022 Regen Ag Lab licenses BeCrop technology
17.11.2022 Yara India inks biostimulant marketing agreement with Sea6 Energy
17.11.2022 FFAR announces Efficient Fertilizer Consortium
17.11.2022 Sales of field robots to hit $11 billion by 2030, says industry report
16.11.2022 Turkey’s Koyuncu Group invests in greenhouse with geothermal heating
15.11.2022 Yara International and Oerth Bio collaborate to tackle crop resilience
10.11.2022 Bayer acquires biotech start-up Targenomix
08.11.2022 Autonomous ag startup Sabanto attracts investors
07.11.2022 Anuvia Plant Nutrients inks deal to go global
04.11.2022 Indorama acquires Adfert
03.11.2022 Supporting food security in India through investments
02.11.2022 AGCO launches free online GNSS tool in Western Europe

October, 2022

31.10.2022 Ostara secures USD$70 million to scale production of Crystal Green
27.10.2022 New hub to develop next-gen smart fertilisers for Australian farmers
26.10.2022 BioConsortia releases latest field trial results
24.10.2022 Biobest takes Bernard Blum Award with first arthropod product effective against disease
24.10.2022 Intelinair, Yara North America collaborate to optimize NUE
20.10.2022 DXAS to provide automated irrigation control services for pulse drip irrigation
19.10.2022 Nitricity raises $20 million in Series A funding
18.10.2022 Researchers use cellulose to develop slow-release fertilizer
14.10.2022 New sustainable fertilizer production research collaboration underway
13.10.2022 Valent BioSciences launches new biostimulant operating unit
12.10.2022 Lavoro acquires NS Agro
07.10.2022 DLF launches brand and business unification in North America 
07.10.2022 Researchers study how certain bacteria perform photosynthesis

September, 2022

29.09.2022 Nouryon to acquire ADOB Fertilizers
27.09.2022 Biome Makers and Syngenta Crop Protection address soil health
23.09.2022 Corteva Agriscience acquires Symborg
22.09.2022 Atlántica Agrícola launches Grupo Atlántica
20.09.2022 Tradecorp invests in Global Biosolutions Research and Innovation Center in Brazil
20.09.2022 Launch of XPower XPR inter-row solution
19.09.2022 Taranis raises $40M
16.09.2022 Tessenderlo Kerley, Inc. breaks ground on Ohio fertilizer facility
15.09.2022 Aqua-Yield raises $23M
14.09.2022 SynTech Research Group acquires North America regulatory services provider
13.09.2022 Symborg launches new biofungicide in Brazil
09.09.2022 Summit Nutrients acquires AGVNT
08.09.2022 New sub-Saharan Africa partnership focuses on agricultural transformation
05.09.2022 ICL set to launch biodegradable coating for controlled-release fertilizers
01.09.2022 Mike Frank appointed CEO of UPL Corporation

August, 2022

30.08.2022 Solinftec unveils new Solix Sprayer robot
30.08.2022 Andermatt Group new majority shareholder of BIOinput
26.08.2022 CropX Technologies launches continuous nitrogen leaching monitoring capability
25.08.2022 Incitec Pivot Fertilisers acquires Yara Nipro liquid fertilizer business
24.08.2022 Trimble and CLAAS develop next-generation precision farming system
23.08.2022 EOS Data Analytics and i-Plant Nutrition announce cooperation
22.08.2022 Open data crop nutrition platform launched
22.08.2022 Vive Crop Protection raises USD$26 million
19.08.2022 ICL and Lavie Bio collaborate to develop biostimulant products
18.08.2022 OneSoil launches data visualization and mapping solution
17.08.2022 Redwire to develop first commercial space greenhouse
16.08.2022 Bayer launches ForGround, a new agriculture platform
16.08.2022 Huber Corp. acquires specialty plant nutrition producer Biolchim
15.08.2022 ADM building new fertilizer terminal in Minnesota, U.S.
12.08.2022 Growing cereal crops with less fertilizer
10.08.2022 Agritech startup xFarm Technologies raises €17M
08.08.2022 Nutrien appoints Ken Seitz as president and CEO
08.08.2022 AppHarvest receives $50M funding
04.08.2022 UK experimental plant growth facility secures £1m grant
02.08.2022 Kalium Lakes makes first commercial sales of SOP
02.08.2022 Evonik Corporation and Interoceanic Corporation sign supply agreement for ammonium sulphate
01.08.2022 BiOWiSH Technologies and SABIC Agri-Nutrients Company announce collaboration results

July, 2022

29.07.2022 Grupo Fertiberia acquires Trichodex
29.07.2022 Researchers use science of light to reduce pesticides
28.07.2022 Syngenta presents Interra Scan: high-resolution soil mapping
26.07.2022 Nutrien to acquire Brazilian ag retailer Casa do Adubo
25.07.2022 Sumitomo acquires Brazil-based Nativa
21.07.2022 ICL partners with PlantArcBio
21.07.2022 Lallemand Plant Care launches multi-action granular inoculant in Canada
20.07.2022 Irrigation agtech startup Lumo raises $2.1m
19.07.2022 BHP to accelerate $5.7-billion potash project in Canada
18.07.2022 Moleaer expands nanobubble generator portfolio
18.07.2022 ModuleX plant factory project slated for Saudi Arabia
15.07.2022 SQM launches new water-soluble product for European markets
07.07.2022 K+S and Cinis Fertilizer agree cooperation deal on SOP
07.07.2022 American Lithium confirms SOP as by-product at Peruvian lithium site
04.07.2022 Team Koala wins Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge
01.07.2022 FMC acquires BioPhero

June, 2022

30.06.2022 UPL and Bunge establish new company, Orígeo
29.06.2022 Yara’s Incubator Farm explores soil health management
28.06.2022 Evonik partners with AgTech Garage in Brazil
27.06.2022 Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge in final phase
22.06.2022 Trace Genomics and Verdesian Life Sciences collaborate on nutrient use solutions
21.06.2022 Biotalys and Novozymes partner to expand opportunities
21.06.2022 Jain Irrigation to merge global business with Rivulis
20.06.2022 Leadership transition at Syngenta Group
17.06.2022 Planet and Bayer share details on strategic relationship
14.06.2022 BioConsortia and Mosaic expand collaboration
13.06.2022 Soilgenic launches 2nd generation EEFs
07.06.2022 AgBiome’s Theia fungicide approved by EPA
03.06.2022 Borealis receives binding offer for nitrogen business from Czech company Agrofert
01.06.2022 BASF acquires Italian-based Horta to strengthen digital farming portfolio

May, 2022

26.05.2022 Micronutrient fertilizer made from pea, lentil and other plant-based hulls reaches commercialization
26.05.2022 NutriSphere-N gains nitrogen volatilization claim in France
25.05.2022 New AG Annual conference and exhibition returns with purpose in Poland
25.05.2022 Incitec Pivot to set its fertilizers business on new path
24.05.2022 CNH Industrial acquires Specialty Enterprises
23.05.2022 Staphyt acquires regulatory affairs services company Leisor
23.05.2022 UPL and Chr. Hansen launch Zoatin
20.05.2022 Nutrien intends to build world’s largest clean ammonia production facility
20.05.2022 BPIA supports Plant Biostimulant Act
19.05.2022 AMVAC, 3Bar Biologics partner
18.05.2022 Farmers Edge names Vibhore Arora new CEO
13.05.2022 Fertilizers Europe asks for time before new regulation takes effect
10.05.2022 Sencrop raises $18M for expansion
10.05.2022 Cropin launches AI Labs
09.05.2022 De Sangosse acquires Biovitis
06.05.2022 Evonik opens Applied Technology Center for ag markets in Central, South America
05.05.2022 Europe approves Symborg fungus as bioinsecticide
04.05.2022 Precision farming startup Solinftec raises $60M
03.05.2022 AGCO acquires JCA Industries
02.05.2022 Agtech startup Verge Ag receives funding

April, 2022

29.04.2022 Viridix launches next-generation precision irrigation system
29.04.2022 Linamar Corporation acquires Salford Group
27.04.2022 Ukraine – the farming front line
25.04.2022 Next generation nitrification technology developed by Soilgenic
25.04.2022 Ginkgo Bioworks launches flagship partnership with Bayer
22.04.2022 KitoZyme’s KitoGreen obtains EC approval
18.04.2022 Sackett-Waconia to be acquired by PVS Chemicals
14.04.2022 Agrimin signs SOP off-take with Gavilon Fertilizer
12.04.2022 Robot bee project granted funding
12.04.2022 Koch Agronomic Services to collaborate with SVG Ventures THRIVE
08.04.2022 Arianne Phosphate expands work on alternative fertilizers
04.04.2022 Tradecorp, Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics launch joint research unit
04.04.2022 Proman partners with CropX to invest in farming technology
04.04.2022 Verdant Robotics launches multi-action autonomous farm robot
01.04.2022 Koidra raises $4.5M seed funding for intelligent automation

March, 2022

29.03.2022 BASF to globally launch open innovation platform AgroStart
29.03.2022 Algerian, Chinese firms set up fertilizer joint venture
29.03.2022 JBS joins the fertilizer market
29.03.2022 Vive introduces Averland FC to fight nematodes in cotton
25.03.2022 Vatren Jurin joins DunhamTrimmer Bio Intelligence
24.03.2022 HELM AG invests in CropX
24.03.2022 Ceres Imaging partners with Sentek
23.03.2022 PepsiCo and N-Drip partner to provide benefits to farmers
18.03.2022 SupPlant raises $27m to improve irrigation tech
18.03.2022 Bioceres Crop Solutions and Marrone Bio agree merger
17.03.2022 Haifa Group expands to Ecuador
17.03.2022 SusGlobal to acquire soil media producer
11.03.2022 Borealis declines EuroChem’s offer for nitrogen business
10.03.2022 Harvest Minerals specialty fertilizer product receives MAPA approval in Brazil
08.03.2022 UK tech partnership to launch cloud-free imaging service
04.03.2022 Koch Ag & Energy Solutions acquire stake in JFC III from OCP
02.03.2022 Tessenderlo Group plans new organic fertilizer production line in France
02.03.2022 Mosaic and BioConsortia expand nitrogen-fixing microbial products to Asia markets
02.03.2022 Hello Nature, MPS Egg Farms invest in specialty fertilizer manufacturing plant

February, 2022

28.02.2022 Plant Response acquired by The Mosaic Company
22.02.2022 Biocontrol lab opened in Jamaica
22.02.2022 AgriFORCE acquires Delphy Group
16.02.2022 Wyvern receives $4M for agriculture emissions study
16.02.2022 PE firm Yellow Brick Capital launches i-Plant Nutrition
16.02.2022 Symborg has acquired Glen Biotech
04.02.2022 Industry profiles - interview with Rovensa CEO Eric van Innis
04.02.2022 Kula Bio raises $50 Million to accelerate deployment of nitrogen biofertilizer
04.02.2022 EuroChem makes offer for Borealis nitrogen business
01.02.2022 Syngenta Crop Protection acquires bioinsecticides from UK's Bionema
01.02.2022 Australian SOP company Agrimin signs second off-take agreement

January, 2022

27.01.2022 Viterra Limited to acquire Gavilon
27.01.2022 BASF Digital Farming and VanderSat offer access to scalable, daily biomass images unimpeded by cloud cover
26.01.2022 Walmart and Plenty partner to lead the future in vertical farming
19.01.2022 Botanical Solution Inc. secures $6.1 million in Series A First Closing
14.01.2022 Yara and Lantmännen sign commercial agreement for fertilizers based on green ammonia
10.01.2022 John Deere reveals fully autonomous tractor
05.01.2022 Yara sells off interest in Libyan ammonia and prilled urea plant
05.01.2022 Koppert signs cooperation agreement with Royal HaskoningDHV and ChainCraft
05.01.2022 Greeneye Technology raises $22M to expand commercial launch of AI precision spraying system
05.01.2022 EuroChem purchases controlling share in Brazilian distributor Fertilizantes Heringer

More News

December, 2021

16.12.2021 Greeneye Technology Raises $22M to Expand Commercial Launch of AI Precision Spraying Systems
15.12.2021 GROWMARK names Mark Orr as next chief executive 
14.12.2021 Tim Hassinger Named CEO and President of Intelinair
13.12.2021 Pheronym Begins Scaling Pest Biocontrol Solution
09.12.2021 Agtech firm Gardin raises $10.8 million
08.12.2021 Soaring Fertilizer Prices Provide Opportunity for Biologicals in Brazil
08.12.2021 Biostimulants World Congress provides feel-good factor to end 2021
07.12.2021 Natasha Rankin New Irrigation Association CEO
06.12.2021 Nutrien Building New Fertilizer Plants in Brazil
03.12.2021 Biotalys Awarded Grant to Develop Biological Solutions
02.12.2021 CNH Buys Software House NX9 to Bolster Agriculture Business
01.12.2021 New bioinsecticide for control of fall armyworm 
01.12.2021 ADM Invests in Acies Bio

November, 2021

29.11.2021 Suterra announces partnership with Phytech
24.11.2021 Bhutan to soon have its first biofertilizer company 
23.11.2021 Lucent BioSciences receives investment to bring carbon-neutral fertilizers to market
23.11.2021 Adaptive swarm robotics could revolutionize smart agriculture
22.11.2021 Startup Fasal raises $4 million to expand business in India, southeast Asia 
22.11.2021 Farmers Business Network announces $300M in Series G funding round 
19.11.2021 Indigo Agriculture acquires Soil Metrics
17.11.2021 Fieldin acquires autonomous driving startup Midnight Robotics
12.11.2021 Agrology launches predictive agriculture system for wine industry and specialty crops
04.11.2021 CNH Industrial signs technology agreement with Monarch Tractor
02.11.2021 Seipasa’s Pirecris label extended in Morocco for use in berry growing
01.11.2021 RNA-based biopesticide technology delivers to mortality of Colorado potato beetle

October, 2021

29.10.2021 KWS launches biological seed treatment
29.10.2021 Corteva appoints Chuck Magro chief executive officer
28.10.2021 Nanobubble-infused fertilizer a game-changer
27.10.2021 Pluton Biosciences raises $6.6 million in seed round funding
26.10.2021 Bee Vectoring Technologies signs commercial industry partnership with Biogard
25.11.2021 Vivent receives new funding from ePlant and Astanor Ventures
25.10.2021 Bayer Crop Science launches FieldMate app in UK 
22.10.2021 Next Gen Fertilizer Challenge identifies new fertilizer technologies and products
20.10.2021 ABIM makes strong in-person return 
19.10.2021 Milliken & Company acquires Encapsys, LLC
18.10.2021 AgEagle to acquire senseFly from Parrot
12.10.2021 Hello Nature develops innovative chelation technology 
11.10.2021 Phenospex launches PlantEye F600 sensor for plant phenotyping
08.10.2021 SOLASTA Bio secures £1.3m funding to develop eco-friendly insecticides
05.10.2021 Kalium Lakes joins Australia’s entry into SOP production
04.10.2021 Marrone Bio Innovations collaborating with Terramera
01.10.2021 Soil biology specialist Biome Makers raises $15M Series B funding
01.10.2021 Certis Europe and Ceradis sign distribution agreement for CeraSulfu

September, 2021

30.09.2021 Semios raises $100 million in capital to expand agtech platform globally
29.09.2021 Corteva expands carbon initiative for 2022 crop year
29.09.2021 Corteva and Elemental Enzymes expand multi-year agreement 
27.09.2021 NewLeaf and Meristem to bring biologicals to more acres
26.11.2021 Joyn Bio opens new facility to develop engineered microbes for crop protection
24.09.2021 Blue White Robotics attains funding to revolutionize autonomous farming
23.09.2021 BASF Digital Farming launches free xarvio SCOUTING chatbot service in India
23.09.2021 Advanced Farm Technologies closes $25m Series B round for its robotic harvesting system
22.09.2021 Sound Agriculture acquires investment to advance novel tech platforms
22.09.2021 AI for diagnosing potato diseases now available

August, 2021

25.08.2021 Plant Health Care signs UK distribution agreement for Harpin αβ
13.08.2021 Eden Research receives sign-off for products in Morocco and Romania 
12.08.2021 CropX acquires Dacom Farm Intelligence
11.08.2021 Symborg introduces soil energizer Qlimax
10.08.2021 Microsoft 4Afrika, IFC partner to promote digital transformation in Africa’s agri-food sector
04.08.2021 IBI-Ag completes funding round for new class of bioinsecticides
03.08.2021 Tavant partners with PanAmerican Seed to optimize seed production process