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Aminocore develops and supplies amino-acid based raw materials and biostimulants for professionals in agriculture and horticulture giving them improved crop health, resilience and production. The core ingredient of our products is derived from a natural production process based on mild enzymatic hydrolysis and filtering. This results in a superior free amino acid profile with high levels of biologically active free amino acids. Aminocore does not add synthetic amino acids or other undesirable elements to its products. Our products are produced at our own production facilities in conformity with EU Directives 834/2007 & 889/2008 and USDA/NOP input regulations and are therefore permitted to be used for ecological growing. Aminocore already has a range of importers and distributors in numerous countries worldwide who appreciate our top quality products at competitive price levels. However there are still more countries to add to our list and therefore we are seeking new distribution partners.

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