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In Atlántica Agrícola we have been researching, manufacturing and distributing specialty agronutrients for global agriculture for more than 35 years. Our main objective is to provide solutions to the farmer's needs by providing them effective and high quality products. We have a solid commercial network made through exclusive distributors in more than 60 countries as well as six own subsidiaries established in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and Brazil. Our product catalog includes biostimulants, humic amendments, foliar fertilizers, deficiency correctors, soluble NPK fertilizers and a range of organic products suitable for organic agriculture, among which is our line of biopesticides, formulated from botanical extracts obtained from our extraction plant located in Honduras "Bioatlántica". Our company also has an R+D department where numerous trials are carried out in a continuous search of new and more effective formulations for modern agriculture.

Polígono Industrial El Rubial
Calle 8, Nº2 - 03400
Villena (Alicante) Spain
Tel: +34 965 800 358