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HUMOFERT S.A. is a Greek company engaged in producing fertilizers and specialty products which enhance plant growth. The experience of the company's staff and its well-trained scientific workforce are the basis upon which the company has been built. The company's strategy is determined by the following principles: • Quality • Reliability • Consistency Based on these principles, people of HUMOFERT S.A. formulate the course of the company having always in mind the benefit of the final consumer, that is the professional and amateur grower. As part of the effort to create innovative new products of high quality, HUMOFERT S.A. systematically invests in research and development of new technologies, new production methods and new formulations. During last decade, HUMOFERT S.A. has focused in biotechnology, studying the important role performed by microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) in the development and health of plants. Systematic research on this area has led to creation of several new formulations for plant nutrition (biofertilizers) and improvement of plants physical condition (bioeffectors), leading to the recognition of the company as a leader in biotechnology area in the field of agricultural supplies in Greece.

1st Ermou & Theotokopoulou str.,
144 52 Metamorfosi
Tel: +30 210 284 5891