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Kelpak is a scientifically proven natural seaweed extract designed to significantly benefit crop yield and quality. Manufactured from fresh Ecklonia maxima seaweed using the proprietary Cold Cellular Burst Process, Kelpak gives farmers the edge in an increasingly competitive agricultural environment. Over 700 trials on a variety of crop types around the globe indicate the benefits of Kelpak: • Prolific increase in lateral roots that improves plant nutrient & water uptake and subsequent foliar growth • Increase in pollen germination & tube growth, fertilisation & fruit set • Increase in yields with better returns • Increases growth of seedlings and nursery plant-outs • Alleviates the effect of abiotic and biotic stresses, including reduction of transplant shock • Increases fruit retention, size, colour and sugar content • Increases photosynthesis and carbohydrate production • Improves shelf-life and produce quality during cold storage. For over 40 years Kelp Products (PTY) Ltd has manufactured and tested these highly effective natural biostimulants and liquid seaweed extracts, sought after by growers around the world. Kelpak is available in various formulations including those suitable for organic crop production as accredited by various international bodies.

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