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Simonis Fertilizers B.V.


The history of Simonis Fertilizers B.V. goes back to 1957. We are since then active in import/export of all sorts of granular/crystalline fertilizers, organic fertilizers, fertilizer tablets and liquid fertilizers, all over the world. We are able to supply quality products from (West) European producers, as well as from other reputable sources; Depending on desire/market/end-user, the fertilizers are re-packed in our own WOPROFERT branded 25-kg or 50-kg bags or in big bags, or in custom-made pre-printed bags. Also a complete line of NPK bulk blends can be supplied and a wide range of micro-nutrients in various qualities.

Wilhelminalaan 4, 6641 DG
Beuningen, The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)24 2042 360