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EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum
Mark Your Calendar for EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum 2024!
May 21-23, 2024Steigenberger Wiltcher's, Brussels

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the 'How To' Virtual Event User Guide?

Click on this link to access the user guide:

Why I am unable to see the agenda and add sessions to my schedule?

Important Agenda Information:

You will need to add sessions to your personal schedule in order to attend them. Click on the calendar icon in the session to add this session to your schedule. At the time the session is going to start, go into your schedule and please click on the session title and play the livestream. 

Why am I unable to join the roundtable discussion?

Roundtable discussions have a maximum capacity of 50 attendees.

If you wish to join the session, be sure to add it to your schedule and join nice and early.

Why am I not receiving communications for the EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum virtual event?

Your emails from the EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum virtual platform could be getting stuck in your organisation's filter.

Please whitelist (or add to your safe sender list) the following 4 email addresses to ensure you don't miss a thing:


Which web browser should I use to access the virtual event?

Use Google Chrome web browser for the best user experience when accessing the virtual event. If you experience any technical difficulties using Google Chrome, try clearing your cache or opening a new 'incognito' window.

Why do the timings on the EU Pharmaceutical Law Forum event guide differ to the timings I see on the agenda in the Virtual Event platform?

The event guide agenda is in CET time zone. 

However, within the virtual event platform, in order to make it easier for you to manage your time and schedule, the agenda will be presented to you in the time zone in which you are currently based.

E.g. If you are based in the UK, you will see the agenda in GMT time zone. If you are based in Europe, you will see the agenda in CET time zone. Etc.

How do I start a chat with someone?

In order to start an instant web chat, you need to establish mutual 'interest' with another attendee. Click 'show interest' on the attendee profiles of the people that you would like to connect with. This will send a notification to those people to make them aware of your interest to connect, and will be added to your 'MY 'INTERESTED' LIST' tab. If the person you have shown interest in shows interest in you too, you will form a connection, which will show in your 'MY CONNECTIONS' tab. With mutual 'interest' established, you will be able to start chatting via an instant chat messenger.

How do I ask questions?
Within each session, you will see tabs on the right hand side including the 'Q&A' tab. This is where you can submit your questions. Click on the '+' icon to submit your question (see image below). Once they have been approved, they will appear in the Q&A stream. We encourage you to write your name and company at the end of each question you submit as there may be others participating who will be able to follow up with you after the session to provide additional insights. Similarly, if you are submitting a question during a panel discussion that you would like answered by a specific speaker, please write @SpeakersName at the beginning of your question.

How do I set up a meeting?

To set up a one-to-one meeting, identify the person you would like to connect with. Click on 'Request a meeting'. Set the time and date for when you would like to meet (this will only show you times that both you and the meeting request recipient have available according to the availability you have set in your profile settings). Write a personal message to send along with your meeting request outlining why you would like meet, and click the send button. 

To set up a group meeting, send your one-to-one meeting request as explained above. Once this has been sent, you can add people to the meeting by clicking 'Add Invitee'. You can add a total of 50 attendees to one meeting.

How To Participate In Speed Networking

Important – registration to speed networking will close at 16.00 on Wednesday 18th. Ensure you add speed networking to your schedule by 16.00 to take part in this networking session. This is to allow the system to set up your meeting schedule using your selected meeting preferences and connection interactions as indications for suitable matches.

  1. Add the speed networking session to your personal schedule nice and early (before 16:00 Central European Time Zone).

  2. Select your preferences for who you would like to meet with (before 16:00 Central European Time Zone). If you do not select your preferences, our AI match-making algorithm will use your connection interactions and your interests indicated at login (if provided) to match you with suitable connections.

  3. Tune-in at the indicated time and start networking with a series of short 10 minute 'face to face' video meetings.

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