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Platform Strategy Executive Workshop

How to create and implement a transformative platform strategy

Monday 16 September 2019

About the workshop

Profit pools in traditional sectors are shrinking as digitization accelerates and competition increases. 

But new growth opportunities are emerging for incumbents who can create bold new strategies. 

Incorporating platform and ecosystem thinking is key to this.

Today, the most valuable companies in the digital economy, and the majority of ‘Unicorn’ start ups operate business models based on platforms and ecosystem management. 

Few incumbents have been able to replicate their success even though, in principle, they have the assets to do so.

This pre-summit workshop is based on the New Growth Playbook - an executive education programme specially designed for senior leaders and their teams - and a new course by Platform expert Sangeet Choudary.

It will explain why and how traditional companies can transform their business models with a platform and ecosystem strategy, and how to execute in the most effective way.

What will you learn?

  • How - in detail - platform business models work to create new value
  • Why they are so powerful and effective in an increasingly digital economy
  • What are the best global case studies of traditional companies that have transformed their business models by incorporating platform thinking?
  • What are the 10 platform strategies and which to adopt
  • How to design a new ‘business model portfolio’ incorporating platforms (at corporate, business unit or product group level) that delivers better ROI at less risk
  • What are the options for implementing platform strategies: build, buy, partner?
  • What are the 5 practical steps to renew your organisation’s business model and make it fit for the digital economy
  • Platform execution best practice - based on workshop content delivered by Sangeet Choudary to more than 800 clients globally over the last 9 years
  • How to create network effects, identify control points, define metrics, and implement successful monetization strategies