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Nation’s Restaurant News

Nation’s Restaurant News is the leading resource for business intelligence in the foodservice industry; always ahead of the curve, adapting to the latest technology platforms and devices its audience engages with.

NRN boasts the largest editorial team in the industry, feeding the content engine that in turn drives the largest overall audience in foodservice.

Whether it is the yearly Top 200 chain report, the daily Social 200 ranking, or the quarterly Trending Tables feature, NRN creates exclusive content that sets it apart from any other brand in foodservice.


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Supermarket News

Supermarket News is the brand food-retail professionals count on for competitive intelligence, news, and information to make smart business decisions. Retailers, manufacturers, brokers, analysts, association executives and others connected to the industry consider Supermarket News as their primary information source as we continue to lead the way with the most experienced team of full-time editors dedicated to maintaining the integrity and objectivity demanded by our audience.

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Restaurant Hospitality

Restaurant Hospitality is the premier source of business inspiration and information for independent restaurant operators across the U.S.

Independent restaurant operators make up the bulk of the $800 billion foodservice industry in the U.S. Those operators include mom-and-pops with a single unit, emerging young concepts with plans for growth and large multi-million-dollar companies with a diverse portfolio of unique restaurant brands. With nearly a 100-year-history, Restaurant Hospitality is dedicated to serving the needs of those independent operators, giving them inspiration and information about how to run their businesses better.

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Food Management

Food Management features trends and best practices, products and solutions that connect deeply with the noncommercial foodservice professional. Four key onsite segments — College & University, K-12, Healthcare, and Business & Industry dining — are the focal points in our coverage. Our audience receives both the big picture information they need as well as segment specific knowledge to run their businesses better.

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