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RiskMinds Edge: Asia
8 September 2022

8 September 2022

‘Culture Always Eats Strategy for Breakfast’

How can risk management proactively shape the firm's culture?

The expert hosting your workshop

Ian Oliphant-Thompson is CEO of Generation Safe, an international award winning business, Visioneers in behavioural and cultural transformation. Operating globally they focus on industries that have large complex businesses and projects, associated with high levels of capital, operational, reputational, safety and people risk.  

Ian as provided confidential consulting and coaching services to CEO’s, CRO’s CIO’s and their wider executive teams in both Dow Jones and FT100 firms and has extensive international experience, having worked in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, South America and the US.

Why attend the Risk culture and transformation workshop?

In recent times, risk managers who have attended RiskMinds have been telling us how important culture and behaviour is to global risk strategies.

How can we get the front office and back office much more aligned and joined up around culture?

Corporate scandals and financial crises can be traced back to a long line of systemic weaknesses in organizational cultural and leadership behaviour, which have either been tolerated or ignored. The purpose of this workshop is to teach you how you can efficiently join the front office with the back office drawing on real case studies of successful implementation.

How can we transform our culture to proactively managing risk?

It is rarely one individual who is solely responsible, yet many organizations still often respond by apportioning blame, invoking disciplinary measures, restructuring, or issuing other ‘quick fix’ edicts from the top down. Such an approach is misguided, and in reality will never lead to the long-lasting improvements in performance or operational excellence, which can be achieved through cultural transformation.

How can I transition from a pure risk professional to an impactful business leader?

Managing risk beyond the numbers: acquire an understanding of the challenges faced by business leaders, and how you can leverage your knowledge of risk culture in making impact within your organization.