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Sufana Al Mashhadi
Director of Innovation Centre at King Fahad Medical City


 Dr.  Sufana  AlMashhadi  is  the  Director  of  Innovation  Center  at  King  Fahad   Medical  City,  directing  the  center’s  efforts  towards  putting  humans  at  the  center   of  healthcare  innovation,  and  contributing  in  a  global  shift  in  the  current  model   of  care.       Prior  to  this  leadership  position,  Sufana  has  worked  for  one  year,  as  a   postdoctoral  fellow  at  Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology  (MIT),  Sloan  School   of  Management  where  she  remains  maintaining  this  prestigious  affiliation  till   date.  During  her  stay  in  Boston,  Sufana  has  worked  extensively  with  world   leaders  from  MIT  Sloan  as  well  as  Harvard  Business  School,  looking  at  the   fundamentals  of  Strategy,  Innovation,  Leadership  and  business  development.     Being  a  catalyst  of  change,  Sufana  has  co-­‐founded  the  “MIT-­‐IBK  Society”  which  is   an  initiative  that  leads  social  innovation  and  women  empowerment  from  STEM   (Science,  Technology,  Engineering  and  Math)  in  Saudi  Arabia.  The  society  is   recognized,  supported  and  resourced  by  MIT  to  be  the  first  international   collaboration  of  its  kind.       As  a  leader  of  Healthcare  innovation  in  the  Middle  East,  Sufana’s  ultimate  goal  is   to  energize  and  connect  the  best  minds  across  the  health  ecosystem  in  Saudi   Arabia’s  Health  and  Technology  sectors  to  solve  healthcare’s  biggest  challenges   and  to  teach  healthcare  entrepreneurship  in  Saudi  Arabia  and  digital  strategies   to  scale  medicine  in  the  Kingdom.  

Sufana Al Mashhadi's Network

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