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[WEBCAST] Smart Ports Conversations: A critical approach to the future resilience of ports

Smart Ports Conversations: A critical approach to the future resilience of ports

How is the industry responding to current uncertainties and when to expect the rebound?

The coronavirus has put unprecedented pressure on the entire ports supply chain that plays a crucial role in the global economy. Despite these challenges, ports and terminals continue to operate wherever feasible. As we expect to see the global trade to be better placed as quickly as possible, we discuss with key experts what are the mitigation and resilience action plans for ports.

The big picture: Post-corona scenario

Ports will have to play smarter to manage amounts of cargo, moved by smart technology. They will have to speed up utilisation of new tech solutions, such as AI, blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT) to meet ever-increasing customer’s requirements. Could we expect in the Post-corona scenario to see ports as a vital part of companies’ supply chains?

Through honest dialogue, we will address what can be damage control measures for those who are hit the most and what is the “Smart-port” roadmap for 2021 and beyond.


  • Developing resilience structure in port logistics

  • Learn how the ports and terminals are facing COVID-19

  • Minimising the impact by identifying business vulnerabilities

  • Road-mapping sustainable management to rebuild a stronger port community in the post-corona era


  • Richard Ballantyne (CEO, British Ports Association)

  • Mar Chao Lopez (Head of Commercial and Business Development, Port of Valencia)

  • Dr Louise Ledgard (Director of Business Development, Critical Infrastructure, BMT)

  • Richard Westgarth (Head of Campaigns, BMT)

  • Nick Chubb (Founder, Thetius)

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