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Seth Adler w/ Shilpi Sinha | 7 September 2022

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Discussion w/ Shilpi Sinha

Shilpi Sinha is not only speaking at TMRE but joining the pre-event Innovating Insights Workshop as a table co-host. Both the session on the agenda and her participation focus on cross-organizational collaboration. She points out that there are “many different teams working on data in one way or another but with very different methods.” The goal- of course- is to harness that data in a way that’s optimally useful for the business enterprise.

Myriad teams provide data insights to gain a full picture

Rashamon is an Akira Kurasawa film based on Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s short story "In a Grove." The narrative focuses on the recounting of a murder by a number of characters. Each shares a varied account of what occurred, showcasing discrepancies and inconsistencies of the incident. 

Sound familiar? There are myriad teams that have and can provide insight into a given subject. Without each account, there cannot be a full picture of what might be true. And still, when that full picture is provided, a well constructed team must know how to harness the art of insights into cogent decision making.

Work collaboratively on requisition, data analysis and provision processes

For the team to be well constructed only solves part of the problem. That team must be not only multifaceted- at its best, that team is multi-functional and multi-disciplinary. With a tip of the cap to ‘culture eating process’ for breakfast, the complex job of solving for a desired business outcome through the identification, analysis and presentation of data needs solid processes. Establishing and consistently updating these processes is necessary. 

Business stakeholders need a unified message

Having evolving processes in place provides the opportunity to provide business stakeholders a unified message. The goal is to make cogent decisions to grow the business. To the point above, stakeholders tasked with making those decisions need a full picture but also a true understanding of how to attain the results they desire.

Gain self-awareness on methodology use

There is a tendency to fall into rhythms when executing on a deliverable. Something that worked well for one before engenders trust. And so, the next time out- the same methodology is used. Rhythms become patterns and eventually, “the way we do things around here.” Each team must be aware of what constitutes success vs. what constitutes habit. Habits that brought success in the past don’t necessarily lead to success in the present or future.

Dare to challenge the status quo

That means that insights professionals of all levels must understand not only the methodologies but the mindsets that provide the current status quo. Data, when harnessed by the right mind can provide proof of the fact that the status quo must change. That said, tread lightly with data that challenges the status quo as data can be false and as Shilpi points out, “data can lie to you.” 

It all goes back to having a full picture of the situation at hand. One point of view won’t do it- cross-organizational collaboration is key. And one way to collaborate is through resonant communication. Storytelling doesn’t only benefit the end insights presentation, “becoming a good storyteller is a key skill,” and helps all along the way.