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Baby carrot packaging mirrors junk food packaging

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TheWeek.com reports that carrot growers are launching an unprecedented $25 million marketing campaign to make their veggies look as tempting as Cheetos; but will it be a hit with kids? Bolthouse Farms and nearly 50 other carrot growers are launching a marketing campaign to endear their product to school kids as a lunchtime temptation. Check out thoughts from industry leaders over at The Week's article.

The packaging is quintessentially American' CPG kid's food. Even grown-ups instinctively looking for nostalgia when searching for a guilty snack may fall prey to the baby carrot's trick - but is that at good thing? Do we really need our healthy food to be packaged unhealthy in order to eat it? We'd like to hear your thoughts - DM us @nextbigdesign.

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