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Building Successful Partnerships Between Small Pharma/Biotechs and CROs - Clinical Trials eBook Series


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Introducing our new Clinical Trials eBook Series, where each edition we will be taking an in-depth look at one area of clinical trials. This time we are focussing on partnerships between CROs and small pharma companies and biotechs.

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In this eBook, we explore the key aspects for both biotechs and CROs to consider when selecting partners and then building and maintaining a successful relationship, including:

  • Four things small biotech and pharma should know before selecting a CRO

  • How small pharma and biotechs can successfully partner with CROs

  • For radiopharmaceutical clinical trials, cooperation and coordination on a global scale is a must

  • Exploring a new operating model when dealing with early phase biotech companies

  • How can the success of clinical partnerships be measured?


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