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Breakthroughs in technology shaping quant finance

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Live from QuantMinds International, the hotly anticipated panel New frontiers in Big Data, Machine Learning and supercomputing attracted a large audience and a lot of discussion and questions. Watch back on the presentations and the audience Q&A to stay up to speed on the latest developments with these technologies. 

Marcos Lopez de Prado, CEO, True Positive Technologies and Senior Lecturer, Cornell University, kicks off the panel with his thoughts on Machine Learning and its applications for the finance industry.

Horst Simon, Deputy Lab Director for Research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, discusses three ingredients for Machine Learning.

Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz, Senior Research Scientist at Rigetti, presents his thoughts on why and how quantum computing will help solve the hardest problems for quants, and across other industries.

David Leinweber, Founder Center for Innovative Financial Technology at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, looks back at how technology has changed the market so far.

The panel regroup to discuss and take questions from the audience.

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