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Key insights from QuantMinds International 2020

_CoverFor five days a year, the quant finance community comes together to share the latest research, discuss new techniques, and learn from one another. This year was no exception. We welcomed 500+ leading quants from around the globe, including 130+ expert speakers, and dived deep into topics that matter the most for this sector.

That’s exactly what we’re capturing in this latest eMagazine:

  • Industry perspectives: Interviews with…

  • Truly explainable AI: Putting the “cause” in “because”

  • The rising awareness of model risk

  • Optimising variable annuity reserves through deep hedging

  • Rethinking multi-asset portfolio strategies to capture velocity changes

  • From scarce to large data and back: Machine learning in finance

  • From research exercise to practical implementation: Thoughts from the AI & ML Summit

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