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Using CRISPR/CAS9 and other gene editing tools in cell line development and engineering - WHITEPAPER

CRISPR and other gene editing tools are revolutionizing cell line engineering due to the speed and ease of performing edits. They are a cheaper, more efficient, targeted and easier way to modify the gene. This whitepaper explores in depth ways that CRISPR and gene editing tools are being used in cell line development and engineering.

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The whitepaper explores:

  • Are there constraints for commercial human therapeutic applications of gene editing, given the current IP landscape? 

  • How important is the outcome of the patent interference (UC – U of Vienna vs. “Boston Biotech Cluster”) to the future of gene editing?

  • Are there uncertainties in translational research and clinical trials due to broad exclusive licenses over CRISPR technologies IP? 

  • Is CRISPR genome-editing know-how going to define future applications and further developments of it as nonobvious? 

  • Will commercial sublicenses be needed for follow-on applications of CRISPRCas technology? If so, when is this going to happen?


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