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Design by Nature: Insight by Fuse Keynote Maggie Macnab

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As we look forward to Fuse 2012 we'll be featuring some of our exciting speakers here on the blog.

Keynote Maggie Macnab, Designer, Macnab Design, Educator, UNM and Santa Fe University of Art and Design; Author, 'Design by Nature</i' and 'Decoding Design</i' will be presenting "Remembering What We Know" on Thursday, April 19th, 2012.

In this session Macnab will address the ways that our intuitive understanding of nature underlies all we design from communications to products to systems. By acknowledging the everyday principles, processes and patterns of nature around and within us we create more beautiful, more functional and more meaningful designs that
are common to all people.

Her most recent book Design by Nature also addresses some of these topics, and in the following interview with Peachpit Press, Maggie discusses them. Watch below for a taste:

One interesting takeaway: banks or other institutions that want to convey a sense of efficiency and stability tend towards using hexagonal shapes in their logos (see for example, Chase), whereas non-profits might trend towards a spiral or round logo (for example, United Way).

Designers may already instinctively be driven towards these designs, but "Design by Nature" and Macnab's "Remembering What We Know" session at Fuse will allow us to create a better understanding of the ways that we communicate through design.

Watch the second half of the interview here.

To learn more about the session and Fuse 2012, download the brochure.

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