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Design is for People // Innovation is for ...

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Iconic and inclusive is the storyline for this year's FUSE conference. In keeping with the headline, but adding layers to this delicious dessert, we will focus our efforts here:

' Design is for people and innovation is for the corporation.

If deep empathy is central to excellence in design, then inclusive is always the essential intention of good design. Having empathy for the intended audience is parallel to design for the person. The corporation makes it iconic, while design makes something inclusive.

Let's apply the principles of design to an educational experience. Our secondary institutions are moving quickly to a place where students can design their own learning experience. If so inspired (perhaps by Steve Jobs) the software programmer can take a calligraphy class. Even better, the student of today and tomorrow may even find themselves fusing philosophy, design and software programming to emphasize the diversity of their interests.

Now, this is where FUSE steps into our world and makes a difference.

FUSE is a designed experience. While there may be exclusive brands, the knowledge shared is inclusive. While the brands may be common knowledge to many, the speakers have iconic stories to share. We, the audience, can craft our experience. We can design our education by picking the places we go and rooms where we stay. The only things you'll need are a full set of working senses, a brain and perhaps a writing utensil.

You'll have a tough time avoiding inspiration. If you have a brain, this is the liquid experience for which it is worthy of submerging. We send this out as our first challenge to the 500+ people at FUSE this year, can you attend and avoid inspiration? If you do, find us and we'll get you in a room that lights up your brain.

FUSE has been designed for us to hear the innovations behind the corporations we know well.

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